Jason Nash

Jason Nash is the host of the podcast Guys with Feelings. His other web ventures include the Atom.com web series The Shaman and Jason Nash is Married. His television credits include Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker, Reno 911, and SuperNews! just to name a few. You can find his one-man show In the Land of Tall Buildings and Red Fire Engines on iTunes.

Guest Appearances

Tongue in Beak

Sklarbro Country #325October 14, 2016

Talented musician Jim Bianco and comedian Jason Nash make a double return to Sklarbro Country this week. Jim provides live music as the Bros cover the Ruth's Chris Steak House discount party during Takes. Then they chat with Jason about working with…


Sklarbro County 226

Sklarbro Country #321.5September 20, 2016

Actor Desmin Borges ("You're the Worst") joins the Sklars for this week's County. They chat him up about being the "ethnic wildcard" in showbusiness and his Chicago roots. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about Michigan tubers who lack a basic understanding…


Sklarbro County 215

Unbelievable stand-up and physical comedian Jeremiah Watkins joins the County boys to talk about how he became the whitest member of "The All Negro Wave" of the world famous Comedy Store's Roast Battle. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories which includes an…


Jason Nash

Never Not Funny #1611April 23, 2015

Raving against the machine with Jason Nash.


Running With My Walkman

Sklarbro Country #247April 17, 2015

The Sklars kick off the show with in depth analysis of what it's like to be an elite runner who insists on wearing sandals and why sportsmanlike conduct in Formula 1 racing is a thing of the past. Then, Randy and Jason…


Sklarbro County 149

Sklarbro Country #244.5March 31, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to this week’s Sklarbro County the hosts of The Best Show Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster, who talk about great concerts they’ve attended, what the future beholds for them in comedy, and why the NBA is the best…


The Annual Sklarbro Character Show

Sklarbro Country #233January 8, 2015

It’s the annual Character show! In the greatest collaboration of celebrity talk radio, Randy and Jason bring together the likes of Dennis Rodman, Doug Buffone, Jerry Jones, Steven Seagal, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Leykis, Dick Vitale, Tiger Woods, Robert Siegel, D.R. Tuttle, Jesse…


Cane Dook

Sklarbro Country #219October 3, 2014

The Sklar's old hospital buddy, Dane Cook, stops by the studio to talk about shared early show memories, opening SNL, dealing with the haters, and whether we can blame Gisele for most sports blunders. Plus the guys discuss tips for aspiring comedians,…


Steven Soderbergh Directed This

Sklarbro Country #216September 12, 2014

Chris Sullivan from Cinemax's 'The Knick' pays a visit to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country for the very first time! Tune in to hear the guys talk about the unorthodox creation of the show, how television is being revolutionized by drama…


Yes, Wicket, Howzat

Sklarbro Country #213August 22, 2014

Fantastic Australian comedian Wil Anderson traveled overseas to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Wil talks about coming from a longline of farmers, getting heckled by his mom while performing at the Sydney Opera House, and the ins and outs of the…


Jason Nash, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #41July 15, 2014

Sean and Hayes are happy to finally relax after their newsworthy week. Following an installment of "Ehh? Wrong," JASON NASH appears to talk how difficult the cast members of his movie "Jason Nash Is Being Married" were, speak on how filmmaking is…


Showin' Arm

Who Charted? #186June 25, 2014

Jason Nash and his lovely mother Lorraine, join Kulap and your summah man, Howard, on this week's Who Charted! Kick your moms out, pump up the Billy Joel, and get excited to hear all about being a celebrity on the internet, having…


Sklarbro County 109

The revolution will not be televised! Sklarbro citizen Jason Nash is here to tell us about his brand new movie Jason Nash Is Married (available now on iTunes & Amazon), how he went from making fun of Rio 2 to immediately going…


The Zeit'MothaFuckin'Geist

Sklarbro Country #204June 20, 2014

Put on a comfy pant and crack open an o'douls, the ladies from Playing House are here! On this week's Sklarbro Country, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, stop by to talk about the similarity between creepy twin language and best friend…


Sklarbro County 105

It's a full house in the County this week as the great Craig Anton finally drops by along with the wonderful sounds of Cincinnati's the Buffalo Killers! Tune in to hear about how Craig teaches an acting class as a professor as…


Sklarbro County 104

The supremely talented & gorgeous Andrea Savage brings the lady energy to this week's Sklarbro County! Andrea tells us about her dedication toward playing poker, her time working on a tennis centric pilot with Rob Lowe, and her role in the upcoming…


Jason Nash Bought an Xbox

Ronna & Beverly #77April 11, 2014

Vine expert and Sklarbro Country regular Jason Nash joins Ronna & Beverly this week from the Earwolf studios to talk about wanting to be a sportscaster at a young age, looking like a lesbian, being called "chubs" as a kid, the rules…


How I Met You Brothers

Sklarbro Country #192March 28, 2014

After 9 seasons, How I Met Your Mother finally will end. The hilarious and talented Josh Radnor returns to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country to give us his thoughts on his long journey with the show, tell us what he's up…


Sklarbro County 92

Sklarbro Country #187.5February 25, 2014

Hilarious stand-up, new father, and Seattle Sports nut Nick Thune joins the County boys to share his thoughts on the Superbowl as a Seattle Seahawks fan. Nick also tells us about his journey back to stand up after breaking his arm in…


Sklarbro County 91

Sklarbro Country #186.5February 18, 2014

Remarkable comic actor Chris Hogan of MADtv and 3rd Rock from the Sun joins in on the County insanity! Chris tells us about being an awkward kid when it came to sports, being conned in an acting class by a woman who…


The Stench is Deafening

Sklarbro Country #186February 14, 2014

Chicago Second City alum & creator of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the sweet Nia Vardalos brings the much needed Canadian & Greek lady energy to Sklarbro Country! Nia tells us about meeting Wayne Gretzy, growing up thinking she was going to…


You Upchurched It

Sklarbro Country #184January 31, 2014

You know Michael Showalter from the State, Wet Hot American Summer, co-hosting the podcast Topics and for his love of cats. But did you know he's a rolling snowball of sports information? Michael gets deep about his obsession with sports talk radio,…


The 2014 Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #180January 3, 2014

Once again the characters that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together to share what their year was like and what we can expect from them in the new year. Join Randy and Jason as they welcome special guests Dennis "The Worm" Rodman,…


Treat Your Ass Like Your Throat

Sklarbro Country #178December 20, 2013

Canadian actor/comedian, MADtv all star, and bear fighter Will Sasso finally makes his way to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Will chats about growing up in Vancouver hating hockey due to his inability to skate, believing that MADtv was going to…


Sklarbro County 81

Sklarbro Country #176.5December 10, 2013

The sharp witted Moshe Kasher of The Champs podcast tell us about his run ins with Sinbad on this week’s County! Moshe also tells us about the slow burn he experienced with his Netflix special “Moshe Kasher: Live In Oakland,” the explosive…


Vaginas From Afar

Sklarbro Country #176December 6, 2013

If you're a fan of anything comedy related then you've definitely seen Brian Huskey grace your TV screen at one point. Brian started doing comedy as part of the sketch group Naked Babies along with Seth Morris, John Ross Bowie, and Rob…


Sklarbro County 78

Sklarbro Country #173.5November 19, 2013

Phenomenal stand-up comedian Mo Mandel brings the dude energy to Sklarbro County! Mo tells us about how a joke he made at a Mendocino Farms made things eerily awkward, having the worst 49ers fan for a father, and the one run in…


Armstronging Them

Sklarbro Country #171November 1, 2013

Reward yourself after your long Halloween night with a trip to the calming shores with Professor Blastoff’s own David Huntsberger! David opens up a bit about his early pursuits of comedy and getting support from his grandma, chats about the science of…


Clean Fake Faint

Sklarbro Country #169October 18, 2013

Twitter King Rob Delaney brings his manly beard to the special VPN edition of Sklarbro Country! Rob tells us about the pain he feels when he's away from his children while doing stand-up on the road, some of the rejected titles for…


Sklarbro County 69

Sklarbro Country #164.5September 17, 2013

Phenomenal actor Josh Stamberg takes a break from filming a 10 episode arc on NBC’s Parenthood to join us in celebration of episode 69 of Sklarbro County! Josh tells us about his tough decision on leaving “Drop Dead Diva,” what his thought…


Put On A Nightgown

Sklarbro Country #162August 30, 2013

The hilarious and sports-savvy Owen Benjamin makes his first voyage to the calming shores on this week's live VPN edition of Sklarbro Country! After Randy and Jason announce an update regarding their shows in Madison, they get into some serious takes, including…


He DID Bone My Wife!

Sklarbro Country #161August 23, 2013

The man, the myth, the legend, Tom Arnold makes his first appearance on the calming shores on this week's Sklarbro Country! Things get intimate right off the bat as Tom clues us in on some privileged John Salley knowledge, details his impressive…


Sklarbro County 64

Sklarbro Country #159.5August 13, 2013

Get ready for some weird St. Louis pronunciations as the wonderful Dave Holmes drops by the County! Dave talks about hosting an array of MTV shows, co-hosting the sketch comedy-quiz show called The Friday Forty with Scott Gimple, moments in Cardinals history…


Sklarbro County 57

The Aukermans have landed! Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman has a rollicking good time on the County! Scott gives us a sneak peek of what to look for on the upcoming season of the Comedy Bang! Bang! television show, explains how…



Sklarbro Country #151June 14, 2013

Radio host, former MTV VJ, and remarkable Twitter person Damien Fahey stops by to tell us how Derek Jeter would occasionally give him shit for being a Red Sox fan back in his TRL days on today’s Sklarbro Country! We also hear…


Physical Business

Sklarbro Country #150June 7, 2013

Terrific improviser, actor, and member of the sketch group “Naked Babies,” John Ross Bowie stops by the calming shores for some good ol’ fashioned Barbara Streisand talk. He also tells us how growing up in New York City makes you really know…


Brooklyn's Tiny Junk Contest

Sklarbro Country #148May 24, 2013

The Office’s Brian Baumgartner comes to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country for some much needed R&R. Brian talks sports including catching legit fire during The Office’s basketball episode, the poetry of Dominique Wilkins, and being a scratch golfer and playing a…


Sklarbro County 52

Friend of the show Tony Hale stops by to wish us a Happy One Year County Anniversary! Tony tells us about the process of coming up with bits on this season of Veep, one of his favorite moments from shooting the upcoming…


Sklarbro County 51

Marc Maron leaves the Cat Ranch and joins the County boys to talk about his experience doing Howard Stern for the first time, his reception of his IFC show Maron, and having to replace an essay in his new book “Attempting Normal.”…


Sklarbro County 49

Sklarbro Country #144.5April 30, 2013

Denver-based comedian Adam Cayton-Holland punches waterfalls on today’s Sklarbro County! Adam tells us about why it’s okay to be a nerd within the sports realm, his Amazon pilot Those Who Can't, and the time he got arrested for underage drinking. Dan Van…


Sklarbro County 48

Sklarbro Country #143.5April 23, 2013

Lady energy is all up in the County as the incredible improviser/writer Tami Sagher stops by! Tami tells us about her last performance on the Second City mainstage, having an amazing time writing for 30 Rock, and embarrassing herself the first time…


Sklarbro County 47

Sklarbro Country #142.5April 16, 2013

It’s a family affair as the always unique comedic duo Chris & David Walsh aka The Walsh Brothers join Randy & Jason on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! Chris and David Walsh tell us about their Comedy Central web-series “The Walsh Brothers’…


You Kids Want A Soda?

Sklarbro Country #142April 12, 2013

We keep it in the Sklarbro family this week as our good friend Jason Nash visits the calming shores! Jason tells us about being a full time dad, takes us back to his audition for SNL, and talks about being ahead of…


Outer DB

Sklarbro Country #138March 15, 2013

Get excited because A-List actress Elizabeth Banks and Max Handleman come to the calming shores on today’s Sklarbro Country! The guys start by discussing some examples of poor judgment including; Yankees Gm Brian Cashman testing his luck by going skydiving twice in…


Sklarbro County 35

Sklarbro Country #130.5January 22, 2013

The terrific sports writing team of Brian and Andy Kamenetzky drop by to talk sports and life on this weeks Sklarbro County! They talk about growing up with the Sklar’s in St. Louis and question why their co-authored comic book, The Camo…


Playing Dirty

Sklarbro Country #129January 11, 2013

The very talented Sarah Silverman joins Randy & Jason to reminisce about playing together on a comedy softball league on today’s Sklarbro Country! Sarah talks about why people have a hard time believing comedians can act in serious dramatic roles, being benched…


The Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #127December 28, 2012

The citizens that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together again this year to help us wrap up 2012, share their plans for the holidays, and look at what is in store for the new year. Join Randy and Jason for a star…


Keeping Your Cool

Private: Love, Dad #19December 13, 2012

Host of the Guys With Feelings podcast, regular on Sklarbro Country/County, and father Jason Nash joins Jeff this week to discuss fatherhood. Jason talks about his relationship with his father, why it’s always better to be nice to other parents’ kids, and…


Sklarbro County 29

Sklarbro Country #124.5December 11, 2012

Wayne Federman shows off his keyboard skills on today’s Sklarbro County! He talks about second acting his way into Broadway shows, the process behind writing Pete Maravich: The Authorized Biography of Pistol Pete, and his love for fast food. Dan Van Kirk…


Sklarbro County 28

Sklarbro Country #123.5December 4, 2012

Comedian Gary Gulman returns but this time to the County to nerd out about comedy! Gary talks about his upcoming special “In This Economy?,” watching Jerry Seinfeld perform when he was in college, and the audition process for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dan…


Flush This, Hide This

Sklarbro Country #123November 30, 2012

The iconic comedian Eddie Pepitone drops by the calming shores on today’s Sklarbro Country! Eddie tells us how his relationship with his father plays a large role in his documentary The Bitter Buddha, Hugh Grant getting barred from one of his Edinburgh…


Denying the Magic

Sklarbro Country #119November 2, 2012

Pete Holmes returns to the calming shores to make it weird on today’s Sklarbro Country! Pete joins Randy & Jason for some takes which include Keith Levasseur completing the Baltimore Marathon in flip flops and a flight attendant suing Magic Johnson for…


Sklarbro County 22

Sklarbro Country #117.5October 23, 2012

YES! Brody Stevens brings the positive energy to this week’s Sklarbro County! Brody has a close connection with sports as he tells us about playing baseball for Arizona State University, feeling like he’s pitching when doing stand-up, and how hanging with A-Rod…


Now Connotes Today

Sklarbro Country #112September 14, 2012

Ian Roberts, a true pioneer of Sketch comedy & current Showrunner of Key and Peele, visits the calming shores this week on Sklarbro Country! Ian shares his view on being part of a movement as a founding member of UCB in New…


Sklarbro County 15

Sklarbro Country #110.5September 4, 2012

Sports. Sklars. Kosta. Michael Kosta gets acquainted to the front seat this week on Sklarbro County! Michael joins us to talk about his time as a tennis champ, attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, and officiating a wedding. Dan Van Kirk brings…


Imported Lady Energy

Sklarbro Country #109August 24, 2012

Sklarbro Country is filled with lady energy this week thanks to our guest Julie Klausner! Julie tells us about being a pop-culture nut as a kid, how Patton Oswalt urged her to start her podcast, and why her twenties mirrored the show…


Sklarbro County 12

Sklarbro Country #107.5August 14, 2012

Take your victory lap this week with a new Sklarbro County! Jason Nash joins Randy & Jason in studio to make a formal offer to Bruce Jenner, contribute in an Olympics wrap-up, and help bring some crazy stories to life. Insane stories…


Sklarbro County 11

Sklarbro Country #106.5August 7, 2012

We welcome Matt Price to the front seat on this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt joins Randy & Jason to talk about his new podcast Whale Cave, interviewing Shaq at a Nestlé Crunch camp for kids, and great comedy troupe names! We also…


The Power of the Warrior

Sklarbro Country #105July 27, 2012

Through the veins of the power of the Warrior this week's episode is strong enough to inspire a women's soccer team seated in coach or a former NFL star turned high school employee. Ryan Stout visits Sklarbro Country to discuss hecklers and…


Synthetic Urine

Sklarbro Country #104July 20, 2012

If the combination of sports, comedy, and indie rock isn't wild enough for you, today's guest coexists in the worlds of Mexican wrestling, burlesque, Largo, alternative rock, Carlos Mencia, and cats. Writer and alt legend Blaine Capatch is dipping his toes in…


Sklarbro County 8

What's an episode of Sklarbro County without drunken, nude news stories? Guest Cole Stratton comes prepared with a Terrell Owens' co-ed softball tale, and the gang touches on Tom Brady's creepy contests, drunken Facebook-initiated fights, and a "human sandtrap" covered in feces.…


Comedy Jazz

Sklarbro Country #102July 6, 2012

Are you ready to have "the talk" with Duncan Trussell? He treats us to some comedy jazz with his great insight into The Comedy Store as well as, you know, zen meditation. We're also bringing you some retro tunes and a rare…


He Knows What to Do

Sklarbro Country #101June 29, 2012

Looking to have a crazy weekend? Why not start it off with drunk Dennis Rodman, prostitute hunting Mike Tyson, and premature death from too much televised soccer? Broken Lizards Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan, of Super Troopers and The Babymakers, talk movies…


Sklarbro County 4

Sklarbro Country #99.5June 19, 2012

Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy, brings his knowledge of major league quirks and mischievous college roommates to the calming shores. God's fiery messages, big fat fatty athletes, and subpar sandwiches are discussed. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves a musical voicemail.


Tick Tack Cho

Sklarbro Country #99June 15, 2012

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are in for a big treat! This week on the calming shores we have MST3K veterans Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett talking puppets, Woody Allen impersonations, and Drive-By Elmos. And Bruce Jenner is back and on…


Maggot Stampede

You know how much we love lady energy here on the calming shores! We've got one of the best this week with stand-up comedian and Parks and Recreation writer Chelsea Peretti. She talks of maggots and Fleas and tells us how she…


Bacarri Breezer

Sklarbro Country #89April 6, 2012

We have no doubt that Sklarbro Country residents were and are huge Arrested Development fans. This week on the show we have the hook-handed youngest brother Tony Hale in the studio to tell us about his real life relationship with Liza Minnelli…


Ally McVeal

Sklarbro Country #84March 2, 2012

Hand back the hash browns, stow away your toboggan, put on a warm sweater and settle in for some Sklarbro Country! Cheap Seats favorite Jon Glaser is in the hot seat to reminisce about his time with Randy and Jason on Cheap…


Ms. Sklarbro Int'l

Sklarbro Country #80February 3, 2012

Did you catch the premiere of Key and Peele? You'll never want to miss a moment once you hear Keegan-Michael Key, one of the show's co-stars, on today's Sklarbro Country. Keegan is somehow able to talk about sports, comedy, Downton Abbey, race…


Will Punch Shark

Sklarbro Country #77January 13, 2012

This week on Sklarbro Country we wrestle with the comedy alligator that is Andy Daly. Andy was there in the beginning of the UCB revolution and he joins us to talk about his pre-comedy days at Bennigan's and how he went from performing topical song parodies…


New Year's Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #75December 30, 2011

We had some of our favorite guests of 2011 over for a sort of Sklarbro Country New Year's party. Fortunately we were recording so you can hear as Tiger Woods, Jesse Ventura, Bryant Gumbel, Owen Wilson, Tim Gunn, Bruce Jenner, and all…


The Sklarbro Rippers

Sklarbro Country #70November 25, 2011

We're kicking it Vermont style this week on Sklarbro Country! We've prepared a special post-Thanksgiving treat for you all with special guests Patton Oswalt and James Taylor. Patton uses appearance number three to tell us about his hot, smelly summer in New…


Hard High Five

Sklarbro Country #67November 4, 2011

If Vitali Klitschko thinks he can be the President of Ukraine, I believe we should nominate Maria Bamford for President of Sklarbro Country. She will rule the country with a sober fist, she will reform the laws regarding Monopoly, she's both a…


Gumballs to the Wall

Sklarbro Country #65October 21, 2011

Steven Seagal is acting crazy, celebrities are buying basketball teams, and Philly fans are booing the fight against cancer. This can only mean one thing: It's time for Sklarbro Country! Andy Kindler has finally reached the calming shores and his luggage includes…


Bring the Raw Bone

Sklarbro Country #60September 16, 2011

Mac and The Q Crew, together again! Rob McElhenney, fresh off the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season premiere, stops by Sklarbro Country to discuss the manliest of subjects: Smoking, fighting, power lifting and, of course, fatherhood. Following that interview we have…


Wheaties Box

Sklarbro Country #56August 19, 2011

NBA Lockout got you feeling down? Sad about getting kicked off of your high school football team? Did a member of the U.S. Ski Team recently urinate on you? Well we have an episode sure to cheer you up featuring the delightful…



Sklarbro Country #54August 5, 2011

We are in a brand new studio this week on Sklarbro Country and we are christening it with a great show full of awesome guests. Our favorite furry friend Randy Moss' dog stops by and talks a bit about Randy's potential move.…


Bag Of Cell Phones

Sklarbro Country #48June 24, 2011

Bad news guys! We taped a great episode of Sklarbro Country with Steven Seagal as a guest but, well...Shaq recorded over it with his sex tape. Fortunately Tig Notaro (of The Sarah Silverman Program) and Kyle Dunnigan (Craig on Reno 911) of…


Get This Charty Sklarted!

Sklarbro Country #37April 8, 2011

Howard Kremer is the guest on this week's Sklarbro Country, and you'll love it more than Mohammed Al-Fayed loves Michael Jackson. Howard has all the qualifications for a Sklarbro citizen: He loves sports, he's an awesome rapper, and he has wicked Muppet…


I Don't Like Cricket

Sklarbro Country #29February 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pride we announce that Jon Bon Jovi now owns Sklarbro Country! Well, at least he's trying to buy it, and with a show this great how can you blame him? Rich Fulcher of The Mighty…


Rome-an Holiday

Sklarbro Country #25January 14, 2011

Who wants to watch Mike Tyson race pigeons when you can listen to Sklarbro Country? Randy and Jason welcome Kyle Brandt (from The Real World) and Jason Stewart (from Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss) to talk about working…


A Year in Review

Sklarbro Country #24January 7, 2011

It's time for the Sklarbro Country Year in Review episode! Randy and Jason talk through the biggest events...of 2011. Then they go back and look at 2010 with the help of Jerry Jones, Tiger Woods, Racist Vin Scully, Snoop Dogg, Sam Elliot,…


Family Friendly

Who Charted? #5January 4, 2011

It's a new year on Who Charted? and we finally have a guest who knows what we're talking about! Comedian Jason Nash gives actual legitimate feedback regarding the top country music singles and family-friendly Redbox rentals of the week. The Wild Card…


Throwin' Down Sledge!

Sklarbro Country #23December 30, 2010

Randy and Jason throw down some mad sledge this week on Sklarbro Country! T.J. Miller graces the calming shores primarily as a note-taker, but fortunately he finds time to tell us about his journey to Hollywood and to share one of his…


Rocky Theorum

Sklarbro Country #22December 23, 2010

Sklarbro Country returns to it's athletic roots with Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner and black belt (slash Roastmaster General) Jeffrey Ross. Jeff takes us through his career from his stand-up origins to his favorite roast jokes such as this rare gem from…


Craziest Former Athletes

Sklarbro Country #13October 21, 2010

The Upright Citizens Brigade have left their mark on NYC and in LA and soon enough, they may open a theater right here in Sklarbro Country. Original UCB member, Matt Besser (@mattbesser on Twitter) joins the brothers to discuss his midwestern sports…


Jimmy Pardo's Back

Comedy Bang Bang #13July 24, 2009

Pardo is back! While most fans loved his last appearance, a certain country disc jockey named A.J. Christopher had some issues with it and came on to give Jimmy advice. But it isn't all hate for Pardo, The Shaman performs an original…

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