Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter is an actor perhaps best known for his roles in shows like Joan of Arcadia and The Event. Son of actor John Ritter, Jason has acted all his life in projects like Freddy Vs. Jason and Raise Your Voice (maybe the only time those two movies have been used in the same sentence). He’s also in Jen Kirkman’s first Drunk History which he is great in, mostly because the video is so great. Seriously, watch it if you haven’t.

Guest Appearances

Jason Ritter

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with third-generation actor Jason Ritter (Another Period, Parenthood). Jason chats about being the independent film darling of the early 2000s, the relief of conquering fears, and avoiding The Noid. This episode is sponsored…


The Winter King

Black List Table Reads #47December 17, 2015

The Holiday season is upon us and we have the perfect thing for you here at The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard this week as we present the action-comedy The Winter King from screenwriters Mickey Fisher and Brian Depetris. Mickey…


A Secret Society

Paul F. Tompkins once again welcomes you all to Spontaneanation, and this week he is joined by special guest Jason Ritter of Gravity Falls and HBO’s Girls! They chat about Kurt Cobain being Jason’s hero growing up, how reading a Choose Your Own Adventure…


Live From Cobb's Comedy Club

Who Charted? #219February 11, 2015

This week, Kulap and Howard come to you live from Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, the perfect place for Howard to describe what his favorite building is. Then, Kulap and Howard welcome to the show Jason Ritter, who explains why Coward of the County is…


Podcast Dreams Come True!

Totally Laime #215March 14, 2014

You guys. YOU GUYS! It's Jason Ritter, yes, that fantastic actor from our FAVORITE TV SHOW, Parenthood!!! Dreams DO come true! And he's… well he's fucking awesome! He came over, made our day, and discussed all the things - from dicks (of…


You Make Your Bed, You Thigh In It

Sklarbro Country #141April 5, 2013

Parenthood’s Jason Ritter is an actor, comedian, and now an official citizen of Sklarbro Country! After Randy & Jason drop some yoga snaps, Jason Ritter stops by to talk about how his recurring role on Parenthood came about, what it was like…


Whoops Daddy!

The Apple Sisters #12August 15, 2011

It gets a little hot, sticky, scratchy, and itchy in the studio this week as The Apple Sisters bring you an important message about venereal disease. We're joined by the VD players who help us act out some public service announcements and…



The Apple Sisters #8July 18, 2011

As summer waxes and the Great Depression wanes, it seems like the perfect time to get out of town and relax! Unfortunately, the Apple Sisters are too committed to bringing you a great show every week so they don't have time for…


Independence Day

The Apple Sisters #6July 4, 2011

It's Stars and Stripes Forever (or at least for one day) on The Apple Sisters as we celebrate our independence! The girls use their powers of performance to bring the listeners a look at the writing of the constitution. They even summon…

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