Jason Sklar

Jason is the one half of the world famous comedy team The Sklar Brothers. Randy and Jason got their television start with MTV’s Apt 2F, but are perhaps better known for Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker. This ESPN Classic series cemented the brothers not only as tremendous comedians, but great sports commentators. They are frequent guest hosts on The Jim Rome Show and panelists on Chelsea Lately. Listen to Randy and Jason host Sklarbro Country every Friday on Earwolf.

Host Information

Sklarbro Country

Sklarbro Country features Jason and Randy Sklar (Cheap Seats, Finding the Funny) as they give their weekly comedic takes on the worlds of sports and pop culture. You don't have to know about sports to enjoy it, as long as you like silly puns and great comedians.

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Guest Appearances

The Sklar Brothers

Comedians The Sklar Brothers stop by to talk with writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell about their first appearance on Late Night with Conan in 1999, the joy of doing bits with their kids, the first experience where they realized they were funny…



improv4humans #406July 31, 2019

LIVE from the 2019 Just For Laughs Festival, Matt Besser is joined by aspiring agents Larry & Terry Marks (Jason and Randy Sklar) as well as Geezel, the Just For Laughs Goblin (Thomas Whittington) for a conversation about everything from actual Earwolves…


Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar - Spotlight On: Scott Plummer and Mickey Braskin

WOMP It Up! #38March 27, 2018

Marissa and Listler are joined by district representatives Scott Plummer and Mickey Braskin (Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar), the identical twins with identical jobs. Scott and Mickey discuss their turbulent home lives and explain the deal with leaving their mustache shavings around. Then,…


The Sklar Brothers

Never Not Funny #2114November 9, 2017

Shooting hoops with the Sklar Brothers. This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: PARDO), TrackR (www.trackr.com/PARDO), ZipRecruiter (www.ziprecruiter.com/PARDO), and Blue Apron (www.blueapron.com/NEVER).


Selfie Springsteen

Who Charted? #333April 19, 2017

Comic duo and hosts of the new podcast “Dumb People Town” Randy and Jason Sklar join Howard and Kulap this week to talk about Springsteen passions! The Sklars answer a fatherhood question and share the pain of booking mishaps during the Music…


He Got Game (w/ The Sklar Brothers)

Comedy duo and twin brothers Randy and Jason Sklar join Kevin for some good old-fashioned Denzel talk. They swap Denzel interaction stories and Jason explains how he found common ground with the man himself before they review the Top 5 Best (and…


Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar: Mountain Tops with the Hoke Brothers

Welcome back to Mountain Tops with your hosts Jeff and Steve Hoke (Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar). Learn important survival techniques that can only be taught by two men that have failed to summit Everest seven times. This week, when alpine climber extraordinaire…


Sklarboner Country

The Hooray Show gets sporty with Randy and Jason Sklar, aka the Sklar Brothers. Kaleb Pier, Jim Rome Smack-off invitee (Kaleb from Green Bay, aka The Walrus) calls the show and gives us his take on what it's like to be a…



The Professor Blastoff gang is back to talk about Tig's ex-boyfriend, Kelly Clarkson, spider bites, and krav maga. Then, fellow Earwolf hosts Jason and Randy Sklar come into the hatch to talk about fandom in sports, music, meeting Dennis Miller, and dealing…


The Sklar Brothers

Never Not Funny #1425July 24, 2014

Doubling up with the Sklar Brothers.   This episode is sponsored by Cards Against Humanity.


Back to Barz, Back to Reality

Comedy Bang Bang #288May 22, 2014

Randy & Jason Sklar make their way from Sklarbro Country as they return to the land of Comedy Bang! Bang! on this week's b-b-b-onus episode! The Sklarbros chat about their new comedy special “What Are We Talking About” which is available on…


Best Of Year One

The Fogelnest Files #53September 5, 2013

Jake compiles his favorite moments from the first year of the show on this week's Best Of edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Fantastic moments like Megan Amram's Rosie O'Donnell story, Jen Kirkman's breakdown of Royce & Marilyn, Cheech & Chong explaining the…


St. Louisanspirations!

Totally Laime #164March 22, 2013

It's the fantastic and hilarious duo you know from their fantastic and hilarious podcast, Sklarbro Country - JASON AND RANDY SKLAR came over and discussed their St. Louis roots, why Lance Armstrong's got a whole lotta ball, and how Richard Simmons has…


Kevin Pollak's Chat Show Sizzle Reel

Earwolf Presents #23March 13, 2013

Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Paul Scheer, and the Sklar Brothers are among the guests who have appeared on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. In this episode of highlights, we hear some of the show's most memorable guests and moments. Check out the video…


He's a Friend

The Fogelnest Files #21January 31, 2013

It’s comedy nirvana as fellow Earwolf podcasters, the Sklar brothers, sit down with Jake on this week’s Fogelnest Files! They discuss the best and worst of video blogging including; a young man who passionately defends the Furry way of life, a man…


Hollywood Dads

Nocturnal Emotions #21January 30, 2013

Fellow Earwolf podcasters Randy & Jason Sklar join Har Mar to talk about their web show Nerd Down & 10, a 9 year-old girl doing stand-up, and the origin of Henderson. The Sklar Brothers share an embarrassing heckler story, Jason tells us…


The Talkabout

Private: Love, Dad #16November 22, 2012

Today Jeff is joined by fellow Earwolf podcaster and special guest Jason Sklar as they discuss fatherhood. Jason tells us about chatting with his son before bed with a series of talkabouts, getting him into music on drives to school, and putting…


Who Sklarted?

Who Charted? #99October 24, 2012

We keep it in the Earwolf family as the Sklar Brothers join Ku-Ku & the Dragon on today’s Who Charted! Jason & Randy share their description of Dubstep, give Pink her props and ask Mariah Carey to stop with the Billboard Dance…



Yo, Is This Racist? #15October 19, 2012

Yo, what up race cars! The Sklar Bros ask Andrew Ti if he feels more or less hopeful about racism in the future, talk about the worlds fascination with ninjas, and answer if the game Fruit Ninja is racist. Ask us about…


Anti-French in Canada

Yo, Is This Racist? #14October 18, 2012

Yo, what up race cars! Jason & Randy Sklar join Andrew TI today to talk about the anti-French racism in Canada. Send in your questions on anything you think might be racist at 323-389 RACE.


Hippie Dads

Yo, Is This Racist? #13October 17, 2012

Yo, what up race cars and Wednesday heads! Randy & Jason Sklar provide their expert opinion on whether or not dads adopting accents and changing pronunciations is racist. Call in at 323-389 RACE to leave more voicemail questions about your hippie dads.


Blackface in Japan

Yo, Is This Racist? #12October 16, 2012

Yo, welcome back race cars! This week the Sklar Bros are here in studio to discuss the use of blackface in Japan. Call us with your own question about whether or not something is racist at 323-389 RACE.


Latin Attraction

Yo, Is This Racist? #11October 15, 2012

Yo, what up race cars! The Sklar Brothers leave the calming shores of Sklarbro Country to join Andrew Ti today to figure out if a white male being mostly attracted to latina women is racist. Leave us a voicemail with your questions…



Randy and Jason Sklar join the crew to talk twins. Growing up with a twin means playing catch, sharing stories, and dueling Johnny Carson impersonations. This week's show is also rife with MacGyver poops, moose knuckles, and hiccups.


Boat Queen Week 1 of 6

Ahoy there seamen! The Apple Sisters are on a six week voyage overseas on the USS Earwolf and trouble is already brewing! With the Boat Queen Pageant coming up, the girls are certain to encounter nefarious criminals looking to steal the crown…


Theme and Intro: Day 3

Our first elimination week comes to a close with, well, an elimination. As tough as it was, our judges have chosen the three weakest intros and unfortunately one will leave the competition. Did we make the right call? Who are your favorites…


Theme and Intro: Day 2

Now that Matt has coached our wonderful contestants, let's check in and see what they come up with! Our guest judges are Jason Sklar from Sklarbro Country and Jimmy Pardo from Never Not Funny who join Matt to see which theme songs…


Where Is Sklarbro Country?

The Wolf Den #23June 23, 2011

It took us long enough, but we finally have Earwolf hosts on The Wolf Den! Those hosts are Randy and Jason Sklar of Sklarbro Country, our sports-themed comedy show that comes out every Friday. You might underestimate their awareness of download numbers…


Welcome to Earwolf!

Comedy Bang Bang #65August 5, 2010

This week Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast switched studios and I know what you guys are thinking: 1) Will we still get topical material about the world today, and 2) Will our favorite guests still find a way into the studio? Well,…


The Sklar Brothers

Kevin interviews comedians, Jason and Randy Sklar.


In the Thicke of the Night

Comedy Bang Bang #48April 9, 2010

The Sklars are here! The Sklar Brothers make their second appearance on the show, and do the whole twin-thing. Not to disrespect the Sklars in any fashion, but they are classless jerks compared to our other guest, J. Montgomery Scott. I know…


Birthday Checks!

Comedy Bang Bang #11July 10, 2009

Two words: Birthday Checks! That's right, it's the premiere of Weirder Scott's first ever single! But before you fast forward over to that, be sure to listen to Officer Dick Butterfield who has some great safety tips for the summertime. With all…


Double Co-Hosts

Comedy Bang Bang #7June 5, 2009

An episode with two co-hosts? It cannot be! Well, it is…but, when they're The Sklar Brothers you can hardly call them two separate entities. With the comedic force of Scott, Jason and Randy, and Paul F. Tompkins, you'd think unfunny was impossible…that…

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