Jensen Karp

Jensen Karp’s bio will seem too ridiculously cool to be true, but stick with me for a second. So, he starts off as a rapper with EMI under the handle Hot Karl. Awesome, right? So then he goes into art, designing clothes for Clandestine Industries and opening up the rad-as-hell Gallery 1988. Oh, did I mention he wrote for the WWE while he was doing this? He also hosts a podcast in which he gets people on important things called Get Up On This.

Guest Appearances

Freedom and Abandon

Who Charted? #199September 24, 2014

Nova Rockafeller and Jensen Karp breeze on in to count down some charts with Howard and Kulap, and talk about Nova's new EP, Problem Child, on this week's Who Charted!  On this week's episode, the crew discuss Iggy Azalea's butt and Nas'…


Do The Rap!

The Fogelnest Files #12November 27, 2012

Jensen Karp is on a mission to use his encyclopedic knowledge of Hip-Hop to get us up on obscure moments from the world of Hip-Hop on this week’s episode of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Jensen tells us about his podcast Get Up On…


A Wordy Ménage

Who Charted? #98October 17, 2012

Hip-Hop heads are in for a treat as Jensen Karp returns to use his musical expertise to break down the charts on today’s Who Charted! He schools us on Trap Music during the Top 5 Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop Songs Chart, drops…


Have Fun With It!

Totally Laime #115April 13, 2012

There is no easy way to describe Jensen Karp other than fascinating. He was a rapper who loved The Simpsons, the curator of several pop culture art galleries, a marketer who worked on Lost, and he has some amazing stories about his…


Get Up On This

Who Charted? #66March 7, 2012

Jensen Karp is one of the most advanced chartists we've ever had on the podcast. As a rapper, designer, writer, and taste maker, his musical knowledge runs deep and we're thrilled to learn from him. He waxes poetic on the Best Hip-Hop…


Crank 2: High Voltage

Why can't more movies be like Crank 2? Sure it's racist, sexist, implausible and disgusting, but that's what makes it so much fun! Jensen Karp is our lucky guest in the studio with Paul and June (Jason is still in New York,…

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