Jeremy Rowley

Jeremy Rowley is an actor and comedian who parents probably recognize as Lewbert from iCarly. Awesome people probably recognize him as Drake from In Gayle We Trust (which, you guys, Brent Forrester and Kevin Seccia wrote. So, check it out!) He’s also been on Modern Family, Reno 911, The Amanda Show and a bevy of other cool shows.

Guest Appearances

Atlantis Dire Warning

Comedy Bang Bang #442August 29, 2016

Our old friend Ming joins Scott as the co-host of this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Scott and Ming catch up as they chat about Ming's background, the history of the amber alert, and some jokes Ming has thought of in his spare…


Government Pizza

Comedy Bang Bang #433July 11, 2016

Comedian extraordinaire Aparna Nancherla joins Scott on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! to talk about the last letter she wrote, how would she revise the government if she could change any law, and  some of the topics she covers on her new…


Hot Jungle Heat

Glitter in the Garbage #40September 8, 2011

Time for a Glitter in the Garbage road trip! You can meet us in New York City for a performance of Jersey Shoresical and late-night reruns of Dance Moms with Drew, Jeremy, and Danielle. I need to make a quick appearance at…

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