Jim Bianco

Jim Bianco is a loudmouth. He also has an album called Loudmouth! Great segue, right? Anyways, Jim is a singer/songwriter who draws comparison to schmuck nobodies like Tom Waits and Jim Croce and has toured with Loudon Wainwright III and Imogen Heap. Among others (obviously). You can find his albums and videos and links and everything else great on his website.

Guest Appearances

Win Before The Snap

Sklarbro Country #167October 4, 2013

Dave Koechner & Jim Bianco have been to the calming shores before but never together. Well citizens of Sklarbro Country, that ends today! Dave regales us with tales from the set of Anchorman 2, banging the Kansas City Chiefs' ceremonial tom-tom drum,…


Yankovic Cove

Sklarbro Country #69November 18, 2011

You can't not love "Weird Al" Yankovic. We are lifelong fans and were more than happy to stamp his passport in Sklarbro Country. From his very first Jim Croce parody to his reception on Twitter, we loved learning about his three-decade-long reign…

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