Jim Rash

Jim Rash is an American actor, comedian, producer, and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. He is best known for playing Dean Pelton on the NBC sitcom Community.

Guest Appearances

Peruvian Pullovers

Comedy Bang Bang #330January 19, 2015

Academy award winner Jim Rash joins the first timers club on today’s Comedy Bean Bag! Jim tells us about the upcoming 6th season of Community on Yahoo! Screen, potential plot lines involving his character Marquess of Queensberry on Mike Tyson Mysteries, and…


Jim Rash

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor, producer, director, and Oscar winning writer, Jim Rash (Community, The Descendants) to discuss the many hats he wears in the entertainment industry. Rash chats about hosting Sundance Channel’s open panel showThe Writers’ Room, his…


Gym Rash

Ronna & Beverly #53May 10, 2013

Academy Award winner Jim Rash joins Ronna & Beverly for a wonderful chat! Jim tells us about getting mistaken for Moby & Steven Soderbergh, his upcoming coming of age film The Way, Way Back, and offers listeners some life advice. Also, important…

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