Jimmy Fowlie

Jimmy Fowlie is an actor and writer who publishes YouTube content. Formerly of The Groundlings, he produced Go-Go Boy Interrupted, anLGBT-themed comedy web series based on his live sketch comedy show of the same name.


Guest Appearances

What Are The Coordinates?

Comedy Bang Bang #631December 8, 2019

Writer and comedian Rekha Shankar joins Scott to talk about her duties as the head writer at College Humor, playing Gaya the documentarian in Between Two Ferns: The Movie, and writing for Astronomy Club on Netflix. Then, astronaut Sarah Lastnum calls in…


Dua Lipa, Peeking Thru The Bushes, and Beck Bennett's Butt w/ Jimmy Fowlie

Homophilia #27February 9, 2018

The hilarious Jimmy Fowlie joins Dave and Matt this week to talk all about Vanderpump Rules, getting back together with exes, and Kathy Griffin. Plus, Dave gets excited about seeing Dua Lipa, Matt and Jimmy bond over bushes, and Jimmy talks about his La La…


Jimmy Fowlie: Falling Out

Welcome back to Falling Out with Christian Furnow (Jimmy Fowlie), the podcast that gives Christian an opportunity to connect with people from his life to clear the wreckage of the past. First, Christian welcomes on old college friend Tori Dillon to make…


Rock Bottom with Matt McConkey Episode 2

In the second episode of ROCK BOTTOM, Matt welcomes the pioneers of Finding Prince Charming-related comedy: Actor/Writer/Vulture Recapper Jeffery Self and Actors/Comedians Tom Lenk and Jimmy Fowlie. The guys discuss their real life run-ins with the cast, and Hollywood Correspondent Stephen Guarino…

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