Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo has appeared on such shows as “The Tonight Show”, “Conan”, “The Late Late Show” and his own half hour special on Comedy Central.

His comedy is primarily improvised and he is well known for his crowd work.

Utilizing those trademark crowd work skills, Jimmy spent the last 6 years as Conan O’Brien’s opening act at “Conan” tapings. Jimmy has also appeared on “Conan” as a panel guest, a field correspondent and recently filled in as co-host. He also conducts the unconventional celebrity backstage interviews for Teamcoco.com’s “The Pardo Patrol.”

Over the years Jimmy has also been seen on such shows as “Comedy Bang Bang”, “@Midnight”, “Maron” and “Monk”. He hosted “National Lampoon’s Funny Money” for Game Show Network, four seasons of AMC’s “Movies at Our House,” and episodes of NBC’s “Late Friday”, VH1’s “The Surreal Life” and “The Playboy Morning Show”. Most recently he was the host of the critically acclaimed Science Channel show “Race To Escape”.

Jimmy has recorded three comedy albums: “Uno,” “Pompous Clown” and 2013’s “Sprezzatura,” which Entertainment Weekly named one of the 5 Best Stand-Up Albums of the year.

Host Information

Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo

From the producers of Never Not Funny, "Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo" is a funny and fast-paced pop culture trivia game show hosted by comedian and veteran game show host Jimmy Pardo (National Lampoon's Funny Money, Race to Escape). Joined by a different celebrity guest co-host every week, Jimmy welcomes three call-in contestants and puts them through their paces, testing their knowledge of movies, TV, music and headlines from the last five decades. The one who makes it to the final round will compete against our celebrity guest to win a fabulous grand prize, but the real prize is all the laughs delivered along the way!

Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast

Never Not Funny is an award-winning weekly podcast hosted by comedian and TV personality Jimmy Pardo and producer Matt Belknap. Since 2006, the show has offered comedy fans the unique opportunity to eavesdrop on freewheeling conversations between Pardo and his sometimes famous, always funny friends. Unscripted. Unedited. Unstoppable. It's Never Not Funny.  

Guest Appearances

Potato Fambly

Comedy Bang Bang #736December 5, 2021

Podcasting royalty Jimmy Pardo and Danielle Koenig join Scott to talk about Danielle’s new podcast How to Survive with Danielle and Kristine, who’s on Mount Rushmore 2.0, and the earliest invention. Then, a Potato drops by to talk about missing their family.…


Live Show with Jimmy Pardo

Get Rich Nick #29March 9, 2020

Today the Nicks try to make a million dollars by learning how to do a live version of the podcast. The incredible Jimmy Pardo, host of Never Not Funny, explains exactly how it’s done. Jimmy shares a ton of great tips and…


Chicago Chaperone

Comedy Bang Bang #642February 23, 2020

Jimmy Pardo aka the Pod Daddy joins Scott to talk about celebrating the 1000th episode of his podcast Never Not Funny, the Oscars, and The Bee Gees. Then, Crystal Del Rey Jenner drops by to talk about recently chaperoning her son’s trip…


Jimmy Pardo

Comedian and podcaster Jimmy Pardo talks with Andy Richter about (un)healthy family boundaries, first theatrical roles, preempting the comedy podcast boom with Never Not Funny, and discovering his own unscripted stand-up persona. Plus, Jimmy shares the only note he ever received as the…


Jimmy Pardo and Eliot Hochberg in Four People Who Decided To Eat Food: The Musical

Jimmy Pardo and Eliot Hochberg (Never Not Funny, Jimmy’s Records & Tapes) join Zach and Jess for an all new musical packed with a cul-de-sac of loners for Thanksgiving, talking pies, and more! With songs like “Dinner For Just Me”, “I Think…


12 Amazing Advances In TV Technology (That Make TV Worse)

The Cracked Podcast #308September 8, 2019

Streaming services revolutionized the TV-watching experience. There’s no denying it! Everything’s different now that we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the three new companies that launched while you were reading this sentence. There are now lots of ways to watch…


The Juice Is Loose

Comedy Bang Bang #612July 28, 2019

Comedian and friend of the show Jimmy Pardo of Never Not Funny joins Scott to talk about a cut CBB TV scene he was in, mixtapes they used to make for each other, and his Forrest Gump story. Then, football star O.…


Jimmy Pardo

Comedy podcast Godfather Jimmy Pardo of the Never Not Funny Podcast joins Conan writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell to talk about how he initially refused the job to be the warm-up comedian for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, why he…


Bonus: Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo Season 2

Mike and Jessie present a special clip for Season 2 of Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo now available over at the Never Not Funny feed!


Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo and guest host Samm Levine talk about throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, Wikipedia, and Jimmy's latest podcast, "Playing Games".


Halloween Hassle Night

Who Charted? #408October 2, 2018

Actor, stand-up comedian, and podcast host Jimmy Pardo (Never Not Funny) joins Howard and co-host Jamie Denbo for this week’s Who Charted! They’ll discuss getting over Halloween scares, Cardi B’s arrest, and where the love of the 80s comes from while counting…


Chekhov's Phone

Comedy Bang Bang #523December 4, 2017

Never Not Funny's own Jimmy Pardo joins Scott to talk about his new podcast Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo, Houdini, and performing Grease. Then, best friends Jake and David stop by talk about their friendship and being bullied in school. Later, Hollywood…


Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #213November 21, 2017

Sean and Hayes have JIMMY PARDO as a guest to play games like on his new show, Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo.


Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo

Earwolf Presents #81November 11, 2017

Premiere episode. Comedian Jimmy Pardo hosts a new pop culture game show/interview podcast, as three call-in contestants vie for prizes. Special guest: Nikki Glaser.


Collected Stories Vol. 3: The Best of I Was There Too

I Was There Too #60April 26, 2017

Once again Matt has lovingly pieced together a collection of the best anecdotes told on I Was There Too about experiences on the set of the Star Wars trilogy, Back to The Future, Die Hard, and many more. You’ll hear from Steven…


Dreamgirls with Jimmy Pardo

I Was There Too #54February 1, 2017

In another edition of I Wasn’t There Too, professional comedian and Never Not Funny host Jimmy Pardo joins Matt to talk about being cut from the 2006 musical drama Dreamgirls. Jimmy goes deep into how his role of comedian was offered to…


Jimmy and Oliver Pardo: Father-Son Hamilheads

Jimmy Pardo (Never Not Funny) wouldn't dream of entering the Room Where It's Happening without the foremost Hamilton expert in his life: his 9-year-old son, Oliver. The father son-duo discusses getting hooked on Hamilton together, how they manage the occasional curse word…


Live at Now Hear This with Jimmy Pardo

Ronna & Beverly #145November 4, 2016

Ronna and Beverly come to you live from the Now Hear This Podcast Festival with Never Not Funny's Jimmy Pardo! They'll chat about what makes a good late night talk show host, baseball players, and amusement parks. Plus, we hear what happened…


Snow Dome

Comedy Bang Bang #360July 6, 2015

Never Not Funny’s Jimmy Pardo and SNL alum Paul Brittain are back to reminisce about the good times in the Windy City of Chicago on today’s Comedy Bing Bong! Jimmy also breaks down the rules of his new TV show Race to…


Grown Ups 2 Causes Terrorism

Who Charted? #207November 19, 2014

Kulap and Howard recap their weekend, travels, and artistic endeavors. Then, Jimmy Pardo joins the gang with a 27 year old bit that stars Tony Danza and a sneak peek into how he will "bury the hatchet" with Hilary Swank. Also, in…


Fantasy Baseball/Neurosis

Tig, Kyle, and David kick things off by talking about when they would like to retire. Then,  the professional Jimmy Pardo is in the hatch to discuss his expertise of Fantasy Baseball, being in 3 different Fantasy leagues, wheeling & dealing, and…


Tony Macaroni

Comedy Bang Bang #309September 8, 2014

Happy National Anthem to You! Kroll Show's Nick Kroll & Never Not Funny's Jimmy Pardo are here to chat about the legacy of Don Pardo, Nick's entourage, and their favorite Ghostbuster songs on this week's Comedy Bean Bag! Later, Claudia O'Doherty returns…


Take To No Camera

Sklarbro Country #210July 31, 2014

Podcast legend and angel voiced singer, Jimmy Pardo, joins the Sklar Brother's for Sklarbro Country's 4 year anniversary show! Tune in to hear the guys talk Arena Football, the beginnings of Jimmy's podcast, and how to assess a comedy line-up. Plus, Jimmy…


Slowing It Down 2 - U Talkin' U2 To Me?

Adam Scott Aukerman slow it down once again this week as they are joined by Never Not Funny's Jimmy Pardo to discuss his personal legacy with U2. They’ll talk about when Jimmy first heard of the band, watching them perform at the…


What Does the Fonz Say?

Comedy Bang Bang #268January 30, 2014

Never Not Funny host Jimmy Pardo is back to chat about Twitter snitches, how much money he made in 1990, and his award winning podcast Never Not Funny joining Earwolf on today's b-b-b-onus episode of Comedy Bing Bong Theory! Then, Voda the…


Never Not Funny

Earwolf Presents #26January 9, 2014

Never Not Funny is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by Jimmy Pardo and produced by Matt Belknap. On this episode, Scott Aukerman joins in on the fun.


Yoke Jams

Comedy Bang Bang #258November 25, 2013

We're never not thankful here at Comedy Bing! Bong! and this week is no exception as Never Not Funny's Jimmy Pardo returns along with first timer/singer-songwriter Bill Callahan! Jimmy gives us the deets on the 5th Annual Pardcast-a-thon and Bill performs songs…


Down In And Up!

Totally Laime #199November 22, 2013

He's the hilarious (and truly never not funny) host of Never Not Funny - stand up comedian JIMMY PARDO came on and discussed his feelings about dreadlock-mohawks, his childhood friend Blow Job Bob, and why he will never ever shush someone in…


Jimmy Pardo

Ronna & Beverly #13November 11, 2011

Beverly revisits her Halloween harassment by disgruntled neighborhood children. Ronna & Bev talk to Jimmy Pardo about opening for Conan, his own very successful podcast, and mistaking the sex of his baby.


Jimmy Pardo: Never Not Funny

The Wolf Den #39October 27, 2011

Jimmy Pardo came to Earwolf to record Who Charted? and we couldn't let him leave without a good solid brain-picking on the world of podcasting. His show Never Not Funny played (and continues to play) such a important role in the growth and…


Hey Redundancy

Who Charted? #47October 26, 2011

It's a starlight night here in the chart orchard and we've got three musketeers here to prep you with some charts before Halloween: Howard, Kulap, and our special guest Jimmy Pardo! Jimmy logs off the Chicago message boards for long enough to…


Bro-ing Out

Comedy Bang Bang #121September 5, 2011

On a hot summer day, what could be better than chilling out with a bunch of bros? Nothing, that's what! Rob Delaney, Jimmy Pardo, and Paul Rust join Scott for the ultimate Comedy Bang Bang chill sesh. They play some games, chat…


Theme and Intro: Day 3

Our first elimination week comes to a close with, well, an elimination. As tough as it was, our judges have chosen the three weakest intros and unfortunately one will leave the competition. Did we make the right call? Who are your favorites…


Theme and Intro: Day 2

Now that Matt has coached our wonderful contestants, let's check in and see what they come up with! Our guest judges are Jason Sklar from Sklarbro Country and Jimmy Pardo from Never Not Funny who join Matt to see which theme songs…


Never Not Sklarbro

Sklarbro Country #36April 1, 2011

Folks, it's true: This whole time, Randy Sklar has been impersonating his brother Jason, and vice versa. Will you forgive us if we give you an awesome Sklarbro Country with Jimmy Pardo and Tiger Woods? We thought so! Jimmy brings his sharp…


Jimmy Pardo

Kevin Pollak interviews actor and comedian Jimmy Pardo!


Palin 2012

Comedy Bang Bang #61July 9, 2010

Did you know that Jimmy Pardo voted for Sarah Palin? Well, just make sure you don't tell Sarah, it would crush her! Also, did you know that someone is capable of being offended by the super funny Rory Scovel? Well, you can…


Happy Black Friday!

Comedy Bang Bang #31November 27, 2009

The day after Thanksgiving, most people are too hung-over and full to do anything hilarious. This is not true for Michael Cera, James Adomian, Jimmy Pardo, Nick Kroll, and Paul F. Tompkins. Also, Harris is there. Learn about the history of Thanksgiving…


Yet Another Pardo-sode

Comedy Bang Bang #22September 25, 2009

And here we are, yet another appearance of Jimmy Pardo. You'd think he'd grow tired of the live radio scene, but when he's got great guests like shock jock Kirk rocker and Paul Stanley from KISS to help him out how can…


Jimmy Pardo's Back

Comedy Bang Bang #13July 24, 2009

Pardo is back! While most fans loved his last appearance, a certain country disc jockey named A.J. Christopher had some issues with it and came on to give Jimmy advice. But it isn't all hate for Pardo, The Shaman performs an original…

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