Joe Lo Truglio

Joe Lo Truglio is an original member of the beloved sketch group The State. He reunited with his friends from The State in the early 2000s to make Wet Hot American Summer and since then has had a steady stream of film and television roles. You might recognize him as Deputy Rizzo from Reno 911 or the scene-stealing Kuzzik from Role Models. Or you can be like some of us and always remember him as the guy who wanted a chicken sandwich from a sad sack named Carl.

Guest Appearances

Beth Dover and Joe Lo Truglio

The incomparable Beth Dover and Joe Lo Truglio share more hilarious secrets and lies than they bargained for. Turns out, life as a Mr. and Mrs. in this business-we-call-show ain't as easy as they make it look...


The 500th

Never Not Funny #16FMarch 23, 2015

Jimmy, Matt and the gang celebrate their 500th episode with a live show featuring special guests Joe Lo Truglio, Rich Sommer, Mike Schmidt and Pat Francis. (Recorded live at the UCB Franklin in Hollywood on March 22, 2015.)


Honey Jug

Ronna & Beverly #93November 21, 2014

The lovable and hilarious Joe Lo Truglio of Brooklyn Nine-Nine joins Ronna & Beverly to tell us all about what it’s like working with his many amazing co-stars. They also chat about Joe being a newlywed, dreaming of Terry Crews, a brand…


Denny's Boys

Comedy Bang Bang #311September 18, 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star & The State alumni Joe Lo Truglio is back on a bonus Comedy Bean Bag! Scott & Joe bro out over giraffes, role models, and Denny’s. Joe then shares the spotlight as he and Scott help housewife Saman Thughgh…


Joe Lo Truglio

Never Not Funny #1401January 30, 2014

Workin' at the car wash with Joe Lo Truglio.


Joe Lo Truglio

Joe is an actor from The State that has starred in movies like Wanderlust and I Love You, Man


Sklarington Manor

Sklarbro Country #66October 28, 2011

Folks, I don't even know where to start on this one. We've got a doozy on our hands. You know you're in for a treat when step-family sword fights, scrabble theft, and offensive puns are our biggest news stories. Joe Lo Truglio…


Water Slides & Pizza

Who Charted? #32July 13, 2011

With summer in full swing, it's time to bring in someone who knows a thing or two about living on the beach and in the sun: Joe Lo Truglio! He changed out of his acid-washed jeans and parked his zephyr and he's…


Booked It!

Comedy Bang Bang #101April 18, 2011

Good Riddance! Just one week since we hit the big 1-0-0 and we're back with another great episode! Joe Lo Truglio (the most tolerable member of The State) joins Casey Wilson for his first Death-Ray appearance, which thankfully goes better than Casey's…

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