Joel Stein

Joel Stein is a writer. He’s taught humor writing at Princenton, written for Time magazine, and has worked for Martha Stewart. You may know him from television appearances on VH1’s I Love the 70s – 90s, HBO’s Phoning It In, and Comedy Central’s Reel Comedy.

Guest Appearances

What's Wrong With Me? with Joel Stein - Ep. 1: Porn

Earwolf Presents #54July 13, 2016

Joel Stein has always wanted to live a passionate life -- but even though he's successful, famous, and has a lovely home life, Joel's doesn't truly feel alive. A psychiatrist even told him he's dead inside. In Episode 1 "What's Wrong with…


Joel Stein

Crybabies #40April 28, 2016

Journalist and Time contributor Joel Stein joins Sarah and Susan on this week's Crybabies! We'll see if Bruce Springsteen, Huckleberry Finn, and some old Friends are enough to get the tears rolling.


Super Joel Stein

Ronna & Beverly #121December 4, 2015

Joel Stein, journalist extraordinaire and regular contributor to Time joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about his experience getting hair plugs, getting a call from GQ for him to get in superhero shape, The Naughty Jewish Boys Calendar, and trying to improve…


Mystery Bobbleheads

Sklarbro Country #278November 20, 2015

Randy and Jason discuss a pro football player that picks a fight with a police dog and a race car driver who's the master of downplaying all serious situations. Then, the Sklars welcome Joel Stein who talks about growing up a sports…


Joel Stein, Time magazine columnist, Journalist, and Author

The Wolf Den #72February 5, 2015

Time magazine columnist, journalist, and author Joel Stein joins Adam for a spirited discussion that traverses the circuitous pathway between old and new media. Joel talks about why he chose to go with old media when he got out of college in…



Love, Dad #12October 25, 2012

Author, journalist, and regular contributor for Time Magazine, Joel Stein stops by to guest co-host on this week’s Love, Dad! Joel talks about his boot camp training in preparation to becoming a dad while writing his book “Man Made: A Stupid Quest…


Joel Stein

Ronna & Beverly #10October 3, 2011

Ronna & Beverly tell the tale of their Rosh Hashanah Brisket-Off and talk to Author/Journalist/Telegenic Jew Joel Stein about what it takes to be a man.

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