John Moe

John Moe is an American writer, reporter, and host of  the radio variety show Wits. The show consists of interviews, comedic sketches, musical performances, and a game show between the two guests, who have included Julia Sweeney, John Hodgman, Roseanne Cash, and Neil Gaiman, among numerous others.

Guest Appearances

The Weirdest Ways America Tried To Win The Cold War

Thought experiment: you're a large country locked in a 20th century geopolitical death struggle. Any wrong move could irradiate the planet. Any right move gets you a marginal victory over your opponent without ending the larger conflict. In that scenario, do you…


John Moe, Steve Agee

Private: Reading Aloud #11February 20, 2015

Nate celebrates the achievement of releasing over 10 episodes by sharing a very funny piece written by Dan Kennedy entitled “I Just Found Out ABC Family Is Going To Pass On My Pitch” and read by the great Steve Agee live from…


Baristas With Lorde Haircuts

The Fogelnest Files #73January 16, 2014

John Moe is a long time public radio person and host of the terrific public radio variety show/podcast Wits. He joins Jake to discuss how Wits became the show that it is now was born, his early comedic & radio influences, and…

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