John Reynolds

John Reynolds is an actor and writer, known for Stranger Things (2016), Party Time Party Time (2013) and Search Party

Guest Appearances

Off The Rails (w/ John Reynolds, Conner O'Malley)

Dr Gameshow #11December 27, 2017

Comedians John Reynolds (Search Party, Stranger Things) & Conner O'Malley (Late Night with Seth Meyers) join Jo and Manolo to play listener-created games with callers.  Games played: Professor Meow Meow, Date A Pro Wrestler, and Just The Rhyme Amount.


Episode 3: John Reynolds - The Really Freaky Ones

This week's episode is a mind-bending journey through the deepest, darkest caverns of the human psyche. Actor and comedian John Reynolds joins the show to help Chris and Gary navigate palaces of pink Play-Doh, interpret messages from beyond the grave, and squeeze…

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