Johnny Pemberton

Johnny Pemberton is a stand-up comedian from Rochester Minnesota. He is also the host and writer for the MTV series “Megadrive.” He can be seen in “21 Jump Street,” “The Watch,” “This is 40,” and Armando Ianucci’s Oscar nominated film “In The Loop.” He has also appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lopez Tonight, FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Sundance Channel, and AdultSwim. In the future he will be seen on the ABC comedy “The Family Tools” playing the role of “Mason.” Johnny also hosts the podcast “Twisting the Wind” and is not the inventor of Coca-Cola.

Guest Appearances

Reggae Dot Com

Who Charted? #390May 30, 2018

Comedian and actor Johnny Pemberton (Live To Tape podcast) joins Howard, Natasha, Stard and Young Kevin to explain his anti-Paul Simon stance on this week’s Who Charted! They’ll count down the Top 5 Songs on iTunes before Johnny talks about filming his…


Fashion, Energy, Speed!

Who Charted? #316December 21, 2016

Actor/comedian Johnny Pemberton arrives this week to help out Howard and Kulap with their fashion choices! They count down Stereogum's Top 5 Songs of the Week while Johnny explains why he's never recognized for "Son of Zorn" and why Kanye would benefit…


Unblocked and Unlocked

Comedy Bang Bang #453October 27, 2016

The titular Johnny Pemberton of FOX’s Son of Zorn and the titular middle child Eden Sher of ABC’s The Middle join the CBB First Timers Club! They join Scott for some Seinfeld trivia, Disney history, and to do elevator pitches for Eden’s…


Full Colon Down

Sklarbro Country #324October 7, 2016

Comedian and actor Johnny Pemberton ("Son of Zorn") joins the Sklars this week to explain why luck doesn't exist in showbusiness. Randy and Jason asses the threat of a gorilla suit at a football game and theorize as to why Philadelphia Eagles…


Weird Hearing Super Powers You Didn't Know Your Mind Has

The Cracked Podcast #141September 12, 2016

It's underestimated how important your sense of hearing is, how much it affects your daily life in ways you don't fully appreciate. Take the inconceivable geometry you do in your head all the time, thanks to your ears. Say you're standing with…


Johnny Pemberton, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #45August 12, 2014

Sean and Hayes are extremely pissed about having to do so many Ice Bucket Challenges all week. On the bright side, they talk about some very exciting development opportunities involving newspaper comic strip properties. Then guest JOHNNY PEMBERTON arrives to speak on…


Legal Weed

Who Charted? #87August 1, 2012

Listeners with a green thumb are in for a treat as the stylish Johnny Pemberton joins Ku-Ku and Wie-Wie on this week’s Who Charted! Our music chart is Billboard’s Top Selling Albums and features an important Bieber/Frank Ocean discussion. While the movie…

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