Josh Malina

Josh Malina was Jeremy on Sports Night and that’s all you need to know! Well, okay, I’ll tell you more. Josh was also Will on The West Wing (but let’s not forget how great he was as Jeremy on Sports Night). For those more into comedy and less into dramas (although Sports Night is part comedy) you should know that Josh is the creator of the web series Backwash and co-creator of the Youtube sensation Sad Sad Conversation. Have you guys seen Sports Night? I just started watching it. It’s great, huh?

Guest Appearances


Sklarbro Country #54August 5, 2011

We are in a brand new studio this week on Sklarbro Country and we are christening it with a great show full of awesome guests. Our favorite furry friend Randy Moss' dog stops by and talks a bit about Randy's potential move.…


Josh Malina

Kevin chats with Josh Malina.

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