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Why Millennials Are The New ​Greatest Generation​​

The script is different but the wording is always roughly the same. Every few months some retiring journalist, former tech-mogul or aspiring Tomi Lahren-type goes viral because they've had it up to *here* with these gosh darn millennials. Between their clamoring for…


8 Fictional Schools That Would Be Awesome To Go To

The Cracked Podcast #138August 22, 2016

So after seven books, eight movies and a trip to Universal Studios, you think you would prefer to go to Hogwarts than live in real life. Everyone gets assigned a very useful pet owl, you can fly around on broomsticks and you…


Movies That'd Be Way Better With One Small Change

The Cracked Podcast #137August 15, 2016

Will Smith famously turned down the role of Neo in 'The Matrix', a decision that created the current timeline in which we live, where Obama is President, Prince is dead and Keanu Reeves is making awesome John Wick movies. Meanwhile Smith is playing second fiddle in…


How Science Proves That We're All Total Assholes

Do you find yourself getting irrationally mad when you're cut off by the car plastered in bumper stickers warning about the danger of contrails? When you're walking on a sidewalk and there's a group of people in front of you, do you…


Why Humanity Is Doomed To Fight Over Insignificant Problems

Sorry to get personal, but which way do you wipe? The only reason we ask is because a recent thread ( melted the forums when our dear readers realized that people had slightly different bathroom preferences than them. As we looked…


Why The Cool Kids From High School Die First

Why do we think Ned Flanders is so lame? He's outgoing and nice, is always happy to lend out his lawn equipment and looks amazing in ski-wear.  Let's first start off by saying, no, the theme behind this episode is not why left-handed people are…


8 Historical Badasses You've Never Heard Of, Pt. 2

The Cracked Podcast #120April 25, 2016

Two years ago we told you the tales of some of the most badass people lost to the annals of history. There was Peter Freuchen, the 6'7" Danish explorer who clawed his way out of an ice cave using a shovel he made out…


Great Ideas Nobody Uses Correctly Anymore

The Cracked Podcast #104January 11, 2016

Remember when memes actually made sense and weren't just screencaps of Minions with text like, 'Obama: You Only Had One Job!' Remember when 'First World Problems' wasn't an excuse to complainbrag about your yacht running out of champagne? Remember when 'LOL' wasn't…


How Disney Movies Program Your Mind

The Cracked Podcast #86September 14, 2015

Think about the Disney princesses of the 1930s, 40s and 50s and what they actually accomplished in their films. Snow White: Hot girl falls asleep in the forest and is almost murdered by dwarfs until they realize how hot she is. Alice…


The Gun Show

The recent tragedy in Charleston, SC sparked, among other things, another flurry of debate in what appears to be our new twisted national pastime: arguing about guns. We'll hear in the media proposed solutions to the problem of gun violence in America,…


Secret Rules that Determine if a Movie is Successful

Last year, of the ten highest grossing films at the American box office, nine were adaptations of one of the following: a Marvel property, a Disney property, a line of toys or a fantasy novel. You could easily guess what movies these…

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