Julian McCullough

Julian McCullough is a very funny young man who has performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NPR’s This American Life, and starred in his own half hour special on Comedy Central. You can catch him every Saturday as host of TBS’ “Very Funny News” and on MTV2’s hit series Guy Code.

Guest Appearances

Don't Look Back with Julian McCullough

Earwolf Presents #65December 7, 2016

Cast Me If You Can We've got every episode of Don't Look Back with host Julian McCullough in Howl Premium. To hear the entire series use promo code LOOK at check-out for 1-month free.  Julian asks his friends from the world of…


Julian McCullough

Get Up On This #13January 20, 2015

Stand-up comedian Julian McCullough joins Jensen & Matty to talk about the Coachella lineup this year, Julian’s time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, if Julian misses anything from the time before he had his baby, Australia’s Twerps, HBO’s Carnivale, Force Majeure. The…


Baby Talk #4 w/ Adam Pally, Sarah Tiana and Julian McCullough

Get Up On This #6December 5, 2014

Jensen Karp and comedian Dan Levy put together a monthly live show in Los Angeles, where the two, with 3 comedian friends of theirs, interview a young child, hoping to learn a little more about that species. A portion of the show…


Threshold Into Manhood

The Fogelnest Files #76February 6, 2014

Julian McCullough is a beloved stand up, nice gent, and an all around delight. Julian joins Jake this week to return to the world of Kars4Kids, look at the vocal stylings of The Manhattan Transfer, check out a very specific fetish involving…


Burying The Lede (Tossing Bullets)

Sklarbro Country #152June 21, 2013

The absolutely hilarious Julian McCullough drops by to express the shame he felt after failing to catch a foul ball on today’s Sklarbro Country! We also hear about Julian’s experience being the side kick on the short lived talk show Love You,…


Having A Favorite Race

Yo, we have a special treat for you Friday heads! This week’s guest Julian McCullough brought in his own questions for Andrew to give his opinions on. The first question they discuss regards having a favorite race and the second is if…


Are We All Racist?

Yo, Is This Racist? #97February 28, 2013

Is everyone racist? Andrew Ti and guest Julian McCullough get into a great discussion on their personal definitions of racism, the dangers of answering yes to this question, and the simple answer to the question. Challenge us with a question by leaving…


The Invisible Black Man

Yo, Is This Racist? #96February 27, 2013

Combat Jack returns to the program via voicemail to ask Andrew Ti & this week’s guest Julian McCullough if his co-workers ignoring him out in the street is racist. Plus, Julian shares his theory on why people in Los Angeles are nicer…


Different Race Avatars

Yo, Is This Racist? #95February 26, 2013

People of the internet, chill out on the racism. Andrew Ti and special guest Julian McCullough discuss the reasons behind someone using a picture of a person of a different race as their Twitter avatar. Keep the internet a cool place and…


White Girl Cornrows

Yo, Is This Racist? #94February 25, 2013

Andrew Ti is joined by the lovely Julian McCullough today to talk about going to the whitest high school, Canada, and if white girls getting cornrows is racist. Stay away from getting dreadlocks white people and everyone be sure to call us…

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