Julieanne Smolinski

You can find Julieanne Smolinski on Twitter. She’s @BoobsRadley.

Guest Appearances

Julieanne Smolinski

Crybabies #52October 13, 2016

Writer Julieanne Smolinski (Grace and Frankie, New York Magazine) joins Sarah and Susan to talk about Roberta Flack's "Do What You Gotta Do,” the Katherine Ann Porter story "Pale Horse, Pale Rider,” Ken Burns' The War, and the end of The Wonder…


Book Club 4: The Corrections

Reading Aloud #12February 27, 2015

Nate is joined by special guests Julieanne Smolinski and Mike Postalakis for the 4th edition of the Book Club series of Reading Aloud in which they discuss Jonathan Franzen’s “The Corrections.” They’ll talk about the post 9/11 anxiety attached to the original…


Book Club 3: The Laughing Monsters

Reading Aloud #9January 30, 2015

Nate welcomes his special panel of guests Julieanne Smolinski, Paul Scheer, and Timothy Simons in the 3rd edition of the Book Club series of Reading Aloud in which they discuss Denis Johnson’s “The Laughing Monsters.” They’ll talk about being internet friends, struggling…


Please Don't Grab a Ukulele

The best tweeter in the business, Julieanne Smolinski, comes on and talks about being great at the Internet on today’s The Fogelnest Files! They discuss her growing up in Cleveland and wanting to be every person in “The Breakfast Club”, then Jake…

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