Kate Hagen

Kate Hagen is a writer and Director of Community at The Black List.

Guest Appearances

The Final Episode

Franklin Leonard and Kate Hagen bid listeners farewell! Please listen to the many great past Earmovies!


Juno vs. Whiplash (w/ Franklin Leonard and Kate Hagen)

The Canon #100May 1, 2017

Franklin Leonard and Kate Hagen of The Black List join Amy this week to pit "Juno" against "Whiplash." Kate makes her case for "Juno" with the potency of the written dialogue and what the film signifies as a cultural watershed moment, and…


Chris Salmanpour, screenwriter of The Promise

Please enjoy this week’s episode of The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard with Black List community director Kate Hagen and screenwriter Chris Salmanpour known for The Promise which will receive the ear movie treatment.

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