Katie Pagnucco

Katie is currently a PhD Candidate studying Ecology and Invasive Species at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In addition to being a scientist, Katie is also a nonmilitant vegan, a scuba diver, an aspiring story-teller/improviser, a maker of bad puns, and a collector of Cosby sweaters. Katie is a proud member of Girl Talk, Montreal’s first all-female improv troupe, which you can follow on Twitter @GirlTalkMTL.

Guest Appearances


Professor Blastoff #116August 6, 2013

The Blastoff crew comes to us this week from a hotel hatch in Montreal, Canada! After discussing some important topics such as social anxiety, sweating onstage, and diarrhea pools, they welcome guest expert/blastronaut Katie Pagnucco to talk about Ecology and invasive species.…

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