Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin sometimes known as Kelly Carlin-McCall, is an American writer, actress, producer, monologist, and Internet radio host. Kelly is the only child of comedian George Carlin and his first wife, Brenda Hosbrook. She began her career in entertainment as a production assistant and photographer for two of her father’s early HBO specials, George Carlin: Again! and Carlin on Campus. As of February 2013, she hosts The Kelly Carlin Show the first Sunday of every month on Sirius XM Radio’s Raw Dog Comedy, and Waking From The American Dream every Thursday on SModcast Internet Radio.

Guest Appearances

Kelly Carlin

Join Kevin as he sits down with Kelly Carlin as she chats about her newly published book, A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George. Kelly divulges stories about how growing up around the comedy community of the 70s forged her current…


Kelly Carlin

Join guest host Dana Gould as he chats with Kelly Carlin (The Green Room with Paul Provenza) about all you ever wanted to know about comedy writing. Kelly discusses the importance of “list humor,” growing up surrounded by the business of show,…

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