Kevin Bartelt

Kevin Bartelt is the Production Coordinator at Earwolf. He started as an intern for improv4humans with Matt Besser and Who Charted. He then worked as a publisher for multiple Earwolf shows.

Kevin is also known as “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (improv4humans), “Young Kevin” (Who Charted) and “Captain Creepshot” (Hollywood Handbook).

Guest Appearances

Returning Scallops

Who Charted? #310November 9, 2016

Actors Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger usher in a new era of charting with Howard and trusty Earwolf aide Kevin this week on Who Charted! Eugene and Ryan give the lowdown on their fitness podcast The Dumbbells before the gang counts down…


Cody and Kevin, Our Facebook Friends

Hollywood Handbook #158November 1, 2016

Hayes and Sean share a disturbing story from Cody online and help Cody and Kevin make a good Facebook.


Subtweeting (w/ Kevin Bartelt, Amy Phillips)

OMFG! #101October 4, 2016

Earwolf millennial Kevin Bartelt joins Emily and guest co-host Amy Phillips to talk about whether millennials are afraid of commitment, millennial fashion, and the idea of subtweeting someone. Plus, they figure out why millennials hate on baby boomers’ rate of Facebook posting…

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