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Kristi Harrison is a writer and editor for Get on board.

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12 Pop Culture Franchises That Went Insanely Off The Rails

The Cracked Podcast #251August 5, 2018

We live in an era of permanent reboots. Everything from ‘Superman’ to ‘Archie Comics’ comes roaring back in one form or another, because we entered a handshake agreement with capitalism that we would pay to see it. You may know a few…


2 Groups Of Americans Who Want To Abandon The Rest Of Us

Freedom: it can be the noblest-sounding justification for bailing on stuff. And it’s as American as the Pilgrims, who escaped persecution in England by going to the New World (so they could persecute themselves for a change). Of course, life today is…


19 Everyday Heroes Who Deserve To Be World Famous

Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai often tells a story about a hummingbird. In the story, the hummingbird’s forest catches fire. It’s burning out of control. And while the larger stronger animals cower, the hummingbird flies back and forth, putting drop after drop of…


23 Awesome Beginnings To Start Your New Year Right

The Cracked Podcast #219January 1, 2018

BEGINNINGS: they are important. So important, we put that first word in all caps. On this week’s episode, Alex Schmidt is joined by Cracked editors Kristi Harrison and Cyriaque Lamar for a look at the all-time best beginnings of basically everything. From…


9 Secretly Necessary Life Lessons For Modern America

The Cracked Podcast #215December 4, 2017

Growing up: it used to be as easy as drinking your milk, preparing to work 1 job for 40 years, and not misusing the height of telecommunications (a landline phone). Now that all of that has changed (side note: turns out milk…


Sixteen Candles

John Hughes month continues on Cracked Movie Club! In 1984, after writing a string of successful comedies, Hughes made his directorial debut with Sixteen Candles, which launched the careers of 80s it-girl Molly Ringwald, John and Joan Cusack, and that weird guy…


Why Society Is Very Bad At Helping People Choose Jobs

The Cracked Podcast #196August 7, 2017

Do you know what you want to do with the rest of your life? Well the good news is nobody really knows. You’re not alone! The bad news is you were supposed to know by age 13 or so. And if you…


Things That Don't Work The Way You Think

The Cracked Podcast #136August 8, 2016

So you think you know how the world works, right? You watch one episode of 'Mythbusters' and suddenly you're an expert on ballistics, germ theory and aeronautical engineering. Tell me then, Jonas Salk, why you always get sick on airplanes. You're probably…


Innocent Ideas That Spawned Horrific Results

The Cracked Podcast #99December 7, 2015

In 186 3, German chemist Julius Wilbrand was trying to make yellow dye and what he came up with was trinitrotoluene, also known as TNT . Twenty years went by until his creation was actually discovered to be explosive and another twenty…


Why Nothing About The Presidential Election Matters

The Cracked Podcast #88September 28, 2015

Newsflash: You only have 407 days until the 2016 presidential election. Do you think you'll have enough time to make an informed decision? We think so. In fact, you could bury your head in the sand on Mars for another full year…


A Genealogy of Modern Fear

If you turn on the TV or scroll through Facebook for any short period of time, it seems like we're consumed with fear. There's always a new airborne virus or a new piece of legislature destined to sink the country into Purge-like…


Why Celebrities Go Crazy

The Cracked Podcast #67March 16, 2015

Here are two scenarios that might properly contextualize Harrison Ford in light of his recent plane crash into a Santa Monica golf course: One. He's Hollywood's Mr. Magoo: a hapless, sensory-challenged old man who creates a chain reaction of havoc and destruction…


Why Pop-Culture Hates Poor People

When your favorite sitcom characters take their obligatory once-a-series trip to Vegas, unless that specific episode is about how Chandler loses it all on black, or Kramer comes up with a scheme to count cards, we never see them face the mundane…


The 11 Nations of America?

Where you live in the United States determines a hell of a lot more than whether "coke" means Coca-Cola or "every single carbonated beverage." It can also mean the difference between sauce on your pizza or nothing, the difference between honor killings…


Shockingly Sexist Messages in the Modern World

The Cracked Podcast #30April 14, 2014

Why is Hollywood allergic to female protagonists? It's not a conspiracy -- men and women alike tend to prefer films with male heroes getting the girl. Even Disney's most progressive princesses still wind up with huge eyes, tiny hands and every other…


Insane Coincidences That Shaped History

The Cracked Podcast #26March 17, 2014

Why did the universe try so hard to make World War I happen? Was Hitler basically an evil Forrest Gump? In Hollywood, two bullets hitting in midair is too insanely coincidental for anything besides a Matrix sequel, but it happens constantly in…


The Science of Choosing Someone to Sex

The Cracked Podcast #25March 10, 2014

What is love? Listeners, don't hurt us -- that's the question Cracked's married-est editors Jack O'Brien, Soren Bowie and Kristi Harrison set out to answer in today's podcast. Why does symmetry matter so much when it comes to boning? Are sexy people…


Parallel Thinking

The Cracked Podcast #21February 10, 2014

Did you know there were like three different books about gawky, dark-haired 12-year-olds going to wizard school before ‘Harry Potter’? Two separate inventors actually filed patents for the telephone on the exact same day. On today's Cracked podcast, Jack O'Brien, Jason Pargin…

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