Kyle Bornheimer

Kyle Bornheimer is an actor. He has performed on popular cult TV shows such Party Down, Chuck, and Worst Week.

Guest Appearances

Chop Wood, Carry Water w/ Kyle Bornheimer

This week June and Jessica are joined by their first male identifying guest, Kyle Bornheimer (Broke, Avenue 5). But first, the gals chat social missteps, the emotional labor of cleaning up all those damn breakfast plates and who IS the Lethal Weapon?…


The Meet Heads

Comedy Bang Bang #670August 23, 2020

Actor Kyle Bornheimer joins Scott to talk about HBO’s Avenue 5, wearing a mask in the movie The Lovebirds, and the possible end of numbers on the call sheet. Then, vegetarian Jerone Buckethat stops by to speak on his meatings with The…


Ben Schwartz and Kyle Bornheimer

Another audio-only episode with guests Ben Schwartz and Kyle Bornheimer. From Diego Luna's tiny hips to Katherine Ross's religion-changing lips, not to mention... "Keith?" Oh, and Bill Clinton leaves voice mails for Trump - NO comedy stones are left unturned!


Kyle Bornheimer - Spotlight On: Gary Wasikowski

WOMP It Up! #20February 23, 2016

Spring has not yet sprung but that's not stopping Marissa and Listler from having a spring in their step as they welcome Marina Del Rey High's Gym teacher Gary Wasikowski (Kyle Bornheimer) on this week's WOMP IT UP! Listler has some choice…


Muskot Love

Sklarbro Country #271October 2, 2015

This week Randy and Jason discuss a costume fueled boxing dispute and hookers that wrestle. Then, Kyle Bornheimer joins the show to talk about the art of making independent films in the 90's, as well as why post game press conferences would…


Kyle Bornheimer

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Kyle Bornheimer (Angel From Hell, You Again). Kyle is living proof that one can form a gratifying acting career despite having to utilize LA public transit for the first five years in town.


Shifting Bouncy

Comedy Bang Bang #345April 13, 2015

First timer Kyle Bornheimer of the new film The Last Time You Had Fun and SNL alum/return timer Paul Brittain are on today's Comedy Bing Bong! We get great TV advice and all the deets on Kyle’s movie before Paul answers a…


Dunkin' with Hitler!

Totally Laime #56February 27, 2011

Dreams come true guys! After being huge fans of actor KYLE BORNHEIMER'S from his hilarious role on Worst Week and now on NBC's Perfect Couples, we would never have believed that we would hang with such a cool dude. Well, not only…

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