Langan Kingsley

Langan Kingsley has been studying improv and sketch at UCB since 2008 under approximately one billion highly auspicious instructors, which she will happily list individually in person. She’s been on quite a few Harold Teams–CAPTCHA, Dance Break, The Pox, and Salmon Diane. She currently performs improv with UCBEast’s What I Did For Love (pretty normal) and sketch with the Maude Team Beige (nice but a little pushy).

Guest Appearances

LIVE from DCM 15 Pt. 1

improv4humans #93August 8, 2013

Recorded LIVE from the 15th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York is part 1 of an epic improv4humans featuring an amazing roster of improvisers that include Chad Carter, Will Hines, Kate Riley, Chris Gethard, Jordan Klepper, Shannon O’Neill, Adam Frucci, Jeremy…

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