Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim is a singer-songwriter whose albums include Electric Love Letter, When the Sun’s Gone Down, Be Set Free, and the eponymous 2008 album Langhorne Slim. His band includes Jeff Ratner, David Moore, and Malachi DeLorenzo and is sometimes called Langhorne Slim & The Law. You might have seen him on tour with acts like Cake, The Avett Brothers, The Low Anthem or Old 97’s. You can find all their albums, tour dates and more on their website (which is conveniently linked to the right).

Guest Appearances

Lady Caddy

Sklarbro Country #53July 29, 2011

We begin the second year of Sklarbro Country with the most relevant and important topic concerning sports: Which players should and shouldn't be made into bobbleheads? It's an important issue and thankfully we have Paul Scheer on the show to help us…

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