Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman is an American actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Mary Cherry on the television series Popular and as Lauren in What I Like About You.

Guest Appearances

Live from Vulture Fest 2018 (w/ Leslie Grossman)

Bitch Sesh is Live from Vulture Fest with the most special guest Leslie Grossman who graces our heads and hearts with so many important thoughts and one AMAZING phone call.  This episode is brought to you by Living Proof (www.livingproof.com/HOUSEWIVES code: HOUSEWIVES),…


A Frittered Friendship (w/ Leslie Grossman, Dannah Phirman)

Bitchsesh is back with special co-host/royal watcher/Scheana Shay apologist Leslie Grossman who chides Danielle for being late to Vanderpump though she has her own (Valetta) skeletons in the closet. Then Hotwives co-creator Dannah Phirman stops by to talk bad lighting and snow…


The Real Vikings of Orange County (w/ Leslie Grossman)

Danielle is joined by Bitch Sesh all-star /American Horror Story genius Leslie Grossman to talk not only housewives, but something much more important...being at a wedding with Kris Jenner!!! Plus, Atlanta is back with a new "husband" for Kenya and a new…


Thank you and Good Night (w/ Leslie Grossman, Greg Bennett)

After a week of great tragedy, Casey and Danielle are joined by Leslie Grossman to help them mourn, process and heal from the loss of Tommy's cookies. There is song, prayer, and discussion of Tamra's rotten insides, all to help in the…


Boys, Blades and Bag of Pills: Live from Largo (w/ Matt Besser, Leslie Grossman)

Danielle and Casey are live at Largo with special guests Leslie Grossman (who brings us up to speed on Vanderpump and is not embarrassed to be watching Summer House) and Matt Besser (who brings us up to speed on his and Danielle's daughter…


Foxy Knoxy with Leslie Grossman and Adam O'Byrne

Ronna & Beverly #143October 7, 2016

Leslie Grossman and Adam O’Byrne join Ronna and Beverly this week to dig into the Amanda Knox documentary. Plus, Spaghetti-O’s made a friend in the park! This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and Third Love.


Goodbye, Dubai/Start Spreading the News

Join Danielle and pinch hitting co-host Leslie Grossman w/ special guest (and Danielle's husband & Housewives hater) Matt Besser (Improv4Humans) as they say good-bye to Dub-ai and hello to the big apple. They talk Kyle's long hair vs Jules' long hair, Eileen's…


Hearing Problems

Join Casey, Danielle and fellow Real Housewife historian Leslie Grossman (Scandal) as they dive into awkward house-husband side-bars, another sad Eileen ensemble, and the quiet anger of Mr. Girardi. Also, Leslie reminisces fondly about classic Kim and Kyle fights and Casey and…


Uterus Chat

Ronna & Beverly #68December 6, 2013

The fabulous Leslie Grossman drops by to chat about being adopted as a child, adopting her own child, her rare uterus condition, and her love of candy. Plus, Ronna and Beverly recall their Thanksgivingkkah.

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