Manolo Moreno

Manolo Moreno is a Pennsylvania-born Filipino American comedian and animator who was once featured in Karate Magazine’s ‘A List of Five Comedians I Know Personally.’

Host Information

Dr Gameshow

Jo Firestone and Manolo Moreno play listener-created games with their comedian friends and listener call-ins. Listen as Jo and Manolo struggle through these outrageous games submitted by people all over the world, from New Jersey to Pakistan. This cult favorite radio show is now on Earwolf! New episodes every Wednesday!
If you have a gameshow idea, send it to or leave us a gameshow voicemail at 256-MANOLO-1.

Guest Appearances

Dr. Gameshow with Jo Firestone - Ep. 1 First Is The Worst (w/ Chris Gethard, Anna Drezen)

Earwolf Presents #80November 4, 2017

Jo and Manolo welcome Chris Gethard (Beautiful Anonymous, The Chris Gethard Show) and Anna Drezen (SNL, How May We Hate You) for the debut episode of Dr. Gameshow on Earwolf.  Games played: Manolo’s Rhyming Ring, Was I Who, Was Me Who, and…

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