Margot Leitman

Margot Leitman is an American comedic storyteller, humor writer, and teacher. Leitman is originally from Matawan, New Jersey. She appeared as a regular sketch performer on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where she acted as the character “Gyno-blast”. Margot currently teaches storytelling at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where she hosts the sex-themed storytelling show, Stripped Stories. She has a spouse, Dan Curry and son, Levon Dean.

Guest Appearances

Margot Leitman: For the Love of the Game with Patti Pon-Pon

Welcome back to For the Love of the Game (Not that Kind of Game!) with your host Patti Pon-Pon (Margot Leitman)! It's the podcast about game shows, game show hosts, winners, and losers. This week Patti is joined by Phyllis McCracken, her…


Stripped Stories!

Totally Laime #11April 15, 2010

She's won awards for her storytelling and is a staple of the New York comedy scene,but most importantly, MARGOT LEITMAN has convinced Elizabeth to do it doggy style! Enjoy.

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