Maria Thayer

Maria Thayer is an actress who you might recognize from Strangers with Candy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or the Adult Swim comedy Eagleheart. Her other television credits include Will & Grace, 30 Rock, Lipstick Jungle, House M.D., and Important Things with Demetri Martin.

Guest Appearances

Movie Theater Pickle Sandwich

Who Charted? #280April 13, 2016

Actress Maria Thayer joins Kulap and Engineer Brett on Who Charted. They share a love for laughter and a hometown Arby's during the top 5 songs on Spotify chart. Maria talks about co-starring in the trueTV sitcom "Those Who Can't" and movie…


Sklarbro County 196

Sklarbro Country #291.5February 23, 2016

Actress Maria Thayer and comedian David Huntsberger join the Sklars for a special episode of Sklarbro County. They discuss Maria's experience co-starring in the show "Those Who Can't" and where a suspiciously delicious pizza from a kids' restaurant was made. David fills…


Maria Thayer, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #121February 16, 2016

Hayes and Sean immediately start having a conversation with MARIA THAYER where they offer romantic advice to the listeners and get some of their own as well.


Dracula's Bedroom

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes ye back to Spontaneanation! This week he is joined by special guest Maria Thayer of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Eagleheart! They chat about where Maria was when she realized God was a wholly implausible lie, finding out about same sex…


Pilot Season!

Totally Laime #125June 22, 2012

Giggles abound on Totally Laime as the delightful and hilarious Maria Thayer steps into the living room and brings with her cookies, suicide, and everything in between. You might learn a thing or two about word etymology, and you'll FOR SURE learn a thing…


Is This Sexual Harassment?

Comedy Bang Bang #90January 30, 2011

We know that many of you are not ready to forgive Brett Gelman for the way he made a mockery of Comedy Bang Bang in 2010. However, we let him back this week solely to bring along Michael Gladis (aka Professor Kinsalot…

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