Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Mary Elizabeth Ellis is an actress perhaps best known as The Waitress on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She is good friends with actress Artemis Pebdani and the two perform together (along with Glitter in the Garbage host Drew Droege) in the band Discount Cruise to Hell. She currently stars on FOX’s The Grinder.

Guest Appearances

Sklarbro County 238

Sklarbro Country #333.5December 13, 2016

Actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis joins the Sklars this week to cut some bodies loose. They discuss the best kinds of fart jokes to make for your kids and swap stories of being on set of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Then, Daniel…


Travel Agent-Si!

Comedy Bang Bang #389November 30, 2015

Guestress of honore Mary Elizabeth Ellis of FOX's The Grinder shares what the hardest part of being an actor is on this week's Comedy Bang Bang! Mary also tells us about becoming a judge, what showbiz job she would take in an…


Young Girl, Violins!

Totally Laime #253December 5, 2014

They're BAaaaack! Elizabeth's besties Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Artemis Pebdani come on to discuss PEARL JAM, their witness protection program ideal lives, gospel singing classes, Pearl Jam, high school teachers, snickers bars, Pearl jam, and Pearl Jam. It’s episode #7 of our…


Savor This Kulap While You Can

Who Charted? #172March 19, 2014

It's the middle of March! Celebrate with a VERY exciting episode of Who Charted with your Kuku, Kulap, your Hank, Howard, the very funny Mary Elizabeth Ellis from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia', and the entire film crew of Kulap's documentary! On this…


Truly Great Friends!

Totally Laime #202December 13, 2013

They are simply THE BEST! You know them from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and this very podcast, the two best friends a gal could ask for - TLP favorites ARTEMIS PEBDANI and MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS came on, saved Elizabeth's ass, all…


Hide The Wine!

Totally Laime #183August 2, 2013

She's a talented and beautiful actress from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and "Quiet Little Marriage" and she's one of Elizabeth's best friends so you know this is going to be fun! MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS came back on the show and talked…


Discount Podcast

This week's Glitter in the Garbage has sort of a "wet granite" aftertaste, best paired with buttery almond pastries. Drew, Mary Elizabeth, and Artemis are on a Discount Cruise to Hell, dodging the likes of Faith Ford and soulless porn stars. Try…


Famous People!

Totally Laime #7March 18, 2010

Yes, she might be abusive to dogs, but we still love MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS because she's adorable, she's hilarious, she's the waitress on our favorite TV show,"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," and she's our first celebrity guest!! Enjoy.

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