Matt McConkey

Matt McConkey is an NYU graduate and frequent performer at the Los Angeles UCB Theatre. He is an original cast member of the UCB show Worst Laid Plans, and his story is featured in the show’s coffee table book of the same name. You might recognize Matt from Spike TV’s MANswers, or the web series In the Moment.

Guest Appearances

Valentine's Galore!

Totally Laime #211February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Laimewads! Today's awesome guest - writer and performer, MATT McCONKEY (twitter: @MattMcConkey) started us off with a bang (aka, he brought muffins) before sharing his fantastic story about tracking down his birth parents, explaining how he feels about the…


Sisters Act

Glitter in the Garbage #9February 3, 2011

The message of the week on Glitter in the Garbage is sisterhood, whether it's between Oprah and Gail, Oprah and her half-sister, or Oprah and June Raphael. June, Casey Wilson and Matt McConkey join Drew to teach us all about womyn's safety,…

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