Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers is the co-host of Las Culturistas Podcast.

Guest Appearances

Earwolf Presents: Bitch Sesh - Hello Dubai!!!!!!

Earwolf Presents #213June 24, 2022

We celebrate Pride All Year Round but here is something special for Pride Month from our fave Bitch Sesh gals with Hilarious HUNK Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas). Bitch Sesh is the original Housewives breakdown podcast. Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider LOVE the Real Housewives…



Hilarious HUNK Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) is BACCCK!!!! And his assessments are as dead on as ever: “You’ve got two episodes to tell us what Sutton said, Crystal, or we never never forgive you.” But the big news is the electrifying debut…


And WHAT Do I Want For Christmas? Just You!!!! (w/ Matt Rogers)

Casey and Danielle are joined by (as Ziwe would say) “an iconic guest,” Matt Rogers. It immediately became gloriously clear Matt could be the third co host of Bitch Sesh. Hear his stunning revelation as to who his favorite housewife is, the…


The Stealing Starlets with Matt Rogers

Scam Goddess #73February 15, 2021

What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Matt Rogers is on the pod breaking down the aspiring comedian who couldn't steal the spotlight, so stole cash instead. Stay schemin!


470: Eliza Orlins for Manhattan DA, LGBTQ Trump Supporters, Rep. Cori Bush, Mary Wollstonecraft Statue Controversy

Attitudes! #470November 18, 2020

Guest co-host Matt Rogers joins Erin this week to talk what’s in store for the Trumps, getting paid to play with dogs, and the upcoming elections that everyone needs to be paying attention to. Then, they into some ‘tudes about the surprising…


Vicky Vox Blocked Me (w/ Matt Rogers)

What happens when a Jersey bitch and a Long Island bitch are in the same room? This episode! Tune in for antibody-oddy-oddies and a healthy dose of chaotic good. Did you know that Vicky blocked Miss Rogers on the Twitter? Thank jesus they…


Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni

Homophilia #139April 2, 2020

Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni join Dave and Matt to talk about pop culture in quarantine, the origin of their collaboration, and making their Quibi show Gayme Show! authentically queer. Plus, meeting longtime boyfriends, hooking up at a Betty Who concert, NYU dean dancing…


Matt Rogers in A Gay Rock: The Musical

Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) joins Zach and Jess live from the Bell House in Brooklyn for an all new musical packed with space travel, gay rocks, and more! With songs like “The First Gay Rock (That We Know Of)”, “A Physical Description”,…


Charmed, I'm Sure

Fake The Nation #129January 3, 2019

Negin is joined by Matt Rogers, Leah Bonnema, Baratunde Thurston, Jody Avirgan, Jason Selvig, and Davram Stiefler to consider questions such as: What does it mean for people to be charming? Will millennials save the institution of marriage? Are we all just selling…


Orlando, Florida: Live from The Bell House

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes the audience at The Bell House in Brooklyn back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is comedian Matt Rogers of Las Culturistas! Then, they are joined by improvisers Eugene Cordero and Tawny Newsome, to improvise a…


Matt Rogers in Actually, Love

It's a true holiday treat to have Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) return to the OFF BOOK stage for a rockin' Santa-centric musical packed with internet trolls, reindeer, Amy Adams, and more! With songs like "A Nice Internet For The Holidays", "Reindeer Sex Party" and…


Matt Rogers

Homophilia #70December 6, 2018

The truly sweet, perfect and hilarious Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) joins Matt and Dave this week to dive deep about the Ariana Grande "thank u, next" video, going from friendless to Prom King, losing his virginity to his manager at a clam bar, and more!…


Being Called Miss (w/ Matt Rogers)

Yo, Is This Racist? #1003December 4, 2018

Comedian Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) returns to join Andrew and Tawny to discuss SoulCycle, missionary work, a caller’s dilemma of wanted to be called “Miss,” and much more. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323)…


Kids Are a Problem For Everyone

Fake The Nation #125November 29, 2018

Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) and Leah Bonnema (Comedy Drop) join Negin to discuss Paul Manafort’s 2016 meeting with Julian Assange and if new developments in the Russia probe will affect Trump politically. Then, they talk maternity leave in the U.S., and finally,…


Reading Lessons (w/ Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers)

Raised By TV #26September 18, 2018

This episode brings the culture as Jon & Lauren welcome Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers from Las Culturistas! They talk about everything from bonding over Nicki Minaj to Double Dare and the appeal of boogers to children. Plus: a powerful sing-along moment.…


Salusalah’s Diaspora (w/ Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers)

Dr Gameshow #47September 4, 2018

Comedians Bowen Yang & Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas, Pop Roulette, The List)   join Jo & Manolo to play listener-created games with callers, including a special call from Jessica McKenna (Off Book: The Improvised Musical Podcast)!  Games played: Rita-Ora-Nother Thing, Manolo of…


Oreo (w/ Las Culturistas)

Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers of Las Culturistas join Andrew and Tawny to discuss how to respond to being called an “oreo,” a caller having a revelation after watching Get Out, and much more. As always, leave us a message about anything…


Legally Can We "Let It Go"? (w/ Las Culturistas)

It's an ultra meta-musical this week on OFF BOOK with guests Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang of the Las Culturistas podcast. Musical tropes! "Let it Go" in every Broadway show! The Disney corporation! Minions! Showmances! RENT references! And more! With songs like "You Gotta Push Merch", "(Let's Put)…

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