Matt Young

Matt Young is an actor, improviser, producer, director, and writer currently living and working in the greater Chicago area. Born and raised in Illinois, he has spent the last several years in Chicago focusing on performing, coaching, and teaching improvisational comedy.

Matt Young is an actor, improviser, producer, and writer based in Chicago. In addition to playing Usidore the Wizard on Hello from the Magic Tavern, Matt is also a proud member of the world-renowned Improvised Shakespeare Company. He leads the crew of the U.S.S. Sisyphus as Captain Baxter in the Improvised Star Trek podcast, and he’s also one of the co-creators and talents behind of the podcast-news-magazine parody The Probe (think Serial meets Waiting for Guffman). He is a founding member of Whirled News Tonight; the long-running improvised satire at iO Chicago. He frequently lends his skills to commercial and voiceover work and has appeared in the independent films, Fools and Speed Dating. He is currently represented by Paonessa Talent. You can follow him on Twitter: @morepeoplehappy and follow Usidore: @usidoretheblue.

Host Information

Hello From The Magic Tavern

Arnie Niekamp fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King into the fantastical land of Foon. He's still getting a slight wifi signal, so he uploads a weekly podcast from the tavern the Vermilion Minotaur where he interviews wizards, monsters and adventurers. It's a major discovery!

Guest Appearances

The Magic Tavern Guys, Our Euphoria Friends

With Game of Thrones over, The Boys help the Magic Tavern hosts rebrand their show. This episode is sponsored by hims (, Harry's (, and Indochino ( code: HANDBOOK).


Dragon's Lair (w/ Magic Tavern)

Adal Rifai, Arnie Niekamp and Matt Young (Hello From the Magic Tavern) join Nick and Heather to discuss Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair trilogy (Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair 2 and Space Ace). They talk about the genesis of quick time events, horny animators,…


The Magic Tavern in Wet Fly Story: The Musical

Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai, and Matt Young (Hello From the Magic Tavern) join Jess and Zach for an all new musical packed with hammerhead sharks, sky-writing jets, coast guard officers, and more! With songs like "Who's Ready for a Shark Attack?," "American…


The Magic Tavern Guys, Our Close Friends

Sean and Hayes have an idea to get more listeners and it's with ARNIE NIEKAMP, MATT YOUNG, and ADAL RIFAI from Hello From the Magic Tavern, the show and Offices and Bosses. Season 2 out now on Stitcher Premium. This episode is…


Barely, Indiana (w/ Hello From The Magic Tavern)

The boys of Hello From the Magic Tavern: Adal Rifai, Arnie Niekamp and Matt Young, join Jess and Zach this week for a new musical filled with Xboxes, chicken parm, and of course, time traveling. With songs like "Piece of Peace", "Deus EXBoxina", and "Small Town…


Daddy Cicisbeo (w/ Hello From The Magic Tavern)

Dr Gameshow #2October 30, 2017

Hello From The Magic Tavern guys (Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, and Adal Rifai) join Jo and Manolo for a special spooky Halloween edition of Dr. Gameshow. Games played: Swoopstakes, Cereal Killer, and Werewolf Elton John. This episode is brought to you by…


Hello from the Magic Tavern presents: Offices and Bosses, Ep1: Flower from I.T.

Earwolf Presents #68January 25, 2017

To hear more episodes from Hello from the Magic Tavern presents: Offices and Bosses. Go and use promo code MAGIC at checkout to receive 1-month of our premium service for free! In episode 1, The game of Offices & Bosses begins!…


Tragedy Boom! Boom! with The Magic Tavern

Comedy Bang Bang #461December 1, 2016

Straight from The Magic Tavern come Adal Rifai, Arnie Niekamp, and Matt Young to interrupt Scott's one man program. Rollicking adventures ensue when the gang gets trapped in the Earwolf studio. They find out whose father is a ghost, play "Honesty or…


Mirror Face with The Magic Tavern

improv4humans #265November 10, 2016

Adal Rifai, Arnie Niekamp, and Matt Young pay a visit from the Magic Tavern to join Matt Besser for this week's improv4humans. They put on a musical at the height of a pandemic, take the longest goodbyes, and avoid engaging in small…

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