Maya Deshmukh

Maya is an actor and comedian in NYC. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, she is very happy to no longer be bridge and tunnel. Maya performs as an actor on Maude Night, and as “Brown Rice” on AzN PoP, her all Asian musical pop group. She’s studied at the UCBT since 2008, studying improv, musical improv, sketch, and characters with Bobby Moynihan, Sylvia Ozols, Becky Drysdale, Leslie Meisel, and Christian Capozzoli among others. Maya recently won first place in the NBC/UCB diversity showcase doing characters. Maya has been featured on Elite Daily, Nick Mom and Funny or Die. When she is not doing comedy, working, or catching up on Real Housewives (of all cities), she is probably getting yelled at. She also works part-time as a general dentist (not a joke), and is represented by Innovative Artists. Check out her website!

Guest Appearances

Family Owned Bike Shop

Paul F. Tompkins uses the sound of his voice to welcome listeners back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special return guest is Matt Besser of improv4humans! Matt chats about what his favorite ancient civilization is and why, the thrill of looking…

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