Miel Bredouw

Miel Bredouw is an American actress and YouTuber.

Guest Appearances

Can I Still Listen to The Smiths? (w/ Miel Bredouw)

Yo, Is This Racist? #991August 28, 2018

Miel Bredouw (Punch Up The Jam) joins Andrew and Tawny to discuss trying to relate to others with hard to pronounce names, a caller’s question regarding if they can still listen to Morrissey even after his racist comments, and much more. As…


Miel Bredouw, Danielle Fishel

Get Up On This #352June 11, 2018

Comedian Miel Bredouw joins Jensen and guest co-host/podcast fiancee Danielle Fishel to talk about her podcast Punch Up The Jam, Jay Critch, Perlo, how we were late on Sudoko, and many more things you should know about. This episode is brought to…

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