Mo Collins

Mo Collins is an American actress and comedian. Collins is perhaps best known for being a member of the ensemble on FOX’s sketch comedy series MADtv. She became well known for several characters during her tenure on the show.

Guest Appearances

Arms Race (w/ Mo Collins)

Mo Collins (Mad TV, Parks & Rec) joins Jess & Zach this week in a race to musical glory! With bikes, sentient coats and limbs, Irish nuclear grenades, and more, this show has it all. "Helping Me Stand", "9 Kicks" and "You…


Mo Collins: The Gift Suite with Marla Vanjine

Welcome back to The Gift Suite with your host and well known empath Marla Vanjine (Mo Collins)! Marla views her gift of feeling what other people feel as both a gift and a curse. This week she welcomes another gifted person by…

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