Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan was a finalist on the most recent season of Last Comic Standing, making it to the top five. His other television credits include Live at Gotham, The Tonight Show with Conan O

Guest Appearances


Comedy Bang Bang #658May 31, 2020

Stand-up comedian Myq Kaplan joins Scott and our old friend John Lennon to talk about his new comedy album “A.K.A.”, aging Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and John’s book “Larry Potter.” Plus, Slovenian acrobat Dagmar the Small returns to talk about quarantine cooks.


Netflix and Be Solitary

Fake The Nation #202May 28, 2020

Shalewa Sharpe and Ashley Ford join Negin to explore their relationships with noise pollution. Later, Negin dives into the history of loneliness with Myq Kaplan and Dan Ahdoot. Dan shares what it's been like living with his parents during quarantine.


Bread Porn

Fake The Nation #196April 16, 2020

Myq Kaplan and Dan Ahdoot join Negin to dive into Donald Trump's contentious relationship with Anthony Fauci and the Joe Biden assault allegations. They also discuss how influencers are handling the coronavirus and what makes them hopeful.


Cheers to the Algae

Fake The Nation #181January 2, 2020

In this first episode of 2020, Negin talks with Peter Grosz and Justin Krebs about the highs and lows of the last decade. She also dissects a "Secret Concierge Service" with Myq Kaplan, and Jody Avirgan.


Confirmation Bias

Fake The Nation #166September 19, 2019

Negin is joined by Myq Kaplan and Jody Avirgan to discuss a new Brett Kavenaugh Allegation, recent the Trudeau controversy, and Sean Spicer's turn on Dancing with the Stars.     This episode is sponsored by Pact ( code: FAKE) and Your Super…


Barry Rothbart, Myq Kaplan, Eli Olsberg, Kai Choyce and host Cameron Esposito

Cam talks pants, Lord Voldemort and noise sensitivity. Sets from Myq Kaplan, Kai Choyce, Barry Rothbart and Eli Olsberg.


Summer Break Shorty

Fake The Nation #48June 8, 2017

Surf’s up! Comedians Myq Kaplan (Last Comic Standing) and Laurie Kilmartin (45 Jokes About My Dead Dad) return to kick off summer with Negin and share stories of dog days past. Sunscreen, camp makeouts and bagpipes (really) factor heavily. Negin wonders why…


Paris Climate Accord Woes and Kathy Griffin Takes Heat

Fake The Nation #47June 2, 2017

Comedians Myq Kaplan (Last Comic Standing) and Laurie Kilmartin (45 Jokes About My Dead Dad) join Negin to get both political and personal (because, after all, the personal is political). First, they discuss the conflicting voices within the White House that advised…


Inside Man (w/ Myq Kaplan)

Comedian Myq Kaplan joins Kevin this week to discuss the 2006 Spike Lee joint “Inside Man.” Myq offers up tips on how to know when to get married as well as his rundown of what makes a solid heist movie before listing…


Myq Kaplan

Never Not Funny #2008March 30, 2017

Saying sorry with Myq Kaplan.


Perception Pt. 2

Did you think that we were done discussing perception? You must have perceived wrong! Myq Kaplan is sticking around for more discussion on religious extremism, the power of mushrooms, and seeing the world through a child's eyes. Plus, we have Kyle's mother…


Perception Pt. 1

Do NOT listen to this episode while operating a forklift! Today's episode of Professor Blastoff will challenge your perception of time and space, but mostly just try to convince you to do mushrooms. Myq Kaplan brings his collegiate understanding of perception to…


Ace of Baritone

Who Charted? #53December 7, 2011

This week on Who Charted?, we take you through a day in the life of comedian Myq Kaplan. We present the soundtrack of his life with our music chart, and show off the daily trials, tribulations, and quizzes he goes through when…



This week's Professor Blastoff is 100% organic, homegrown, and hormone free. We have noted vegan Myq Kaplan on to discuss the ever changing world of food and food production: From the evolution of the grocery store to the adverse affects of methane…


Open Relations!

Totally Laime #84September 11, 2011

He's like the best parts of Elizabeth and Psychic Andy put together: our very first Vegan & Jewish guest! Stand up comedian MYQ KAPLAN talks about being a lesbian (enjoying her time in his body,) open relationships and of course, a TLP…


Citizen's Sklarrest

Sklarbro Country #52July 22, 2011

Like Cristian Vasquez Martinez returning from the Dominican Republic, Randy and Jason are here to import high quality, uncut comedy from the calming shores of Sklarbro Country. Unlike Cristian the guys aren't putting all their eggs in one basket (or pair of…


Thumbs Yes!

Comedy Bang Bang #110June 27, 2011

With a cascade of puns, a round of "no, but" style improvisation, an appearance of cake bugs, and latent racism, this is a classic Comedy Bang Bang waiting to happen. Our guests are Colin Hanks and Myq Kaplan who match wits on…

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