Nate Fridson

Nate Fridson is a fast rising star out of the rich comedy scene of Detroit. Featuring well-crafted jokes and an inviting, accessible style, Nate’s act has been called, “smart,” “original,” and, “better than it used to be,” by both peers and audiences alike. A caustic writer who, “brings sarcasm to an art form,” Nate shies from no subject – his material grows from deep, probing roots in the autobiographical to reveal a skewed, surreal worldview. Nate has performed at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, was a semi-finalist at the New York Comedy Contest, and recently traveled to Japan to perform for the US Troops stationed on Okinawa. Stateside, Nate has appeared at many comedy clubs including – but not limited to – Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Stand Up New York, Joey’s Comedy Club, The Funny Bone in Baton Rouge, The Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, and The Comedy Club on State in Madison.

Guest Appearances

Finding the County

Sklarbro Country #318.5August 30, 2016

Randy and Jason merge Sklarbro County with Finding the Funny this week for a special hybrid episode! They bounce back and forth between stories with Daniel Van Kirk and finding the funny of Phoenix during their recent show. We hear tales of…


Sklarbro County 117

Sklarbro Country #212.5August 19, 2014

Detroit born and Brooklyn based comedian Nate Fridson returns to join the boys for some good ol’ fashioned fun on today’s Sklarbro County! Nate tells us all about his new stand-up album “Best Guy So Far” as well as embraces the weirdness…


Sklarbro County 60

It’s a full house today in the County as Rory Scovel returns along with sergeant in arms, Nate Fridson! We hear how Rory did a 50 minute stand-up set as his German character, get a preview of his upcoming TBS comedy “Ground…


Sklarbro County 24

Sklarbro Country #119.5November 6, 2012

For the first time ever, Randy, Jason and Dan record Sklarbro County out of the Earwolf Studios. Coming to you straight from Dan Van Kirk's cabin in Wisconsin, the boys are joined by the always hilarious young comedian from New York, Nate…

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