Neil Hamburger

Neil Hamburger is not a very good stand-up comedian. It is unknown why we let him come on our shows all the time. Maybe it’s based on the recommendations of Iron and Wine, Guided by Voices, Faith No More, or one of the other bands he has opened for. Maybe it’s because of his appearances on Tenacious D or Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Maybe it’s out of pity, but no matter the reason: Keep your lips zipped.

Guest Appearances

Behind the Music

Comedy Bang Bang #102May 15, 2011

To all the listeners who have requested Tim Heidecker: We hope you're happy. Tim makes his inaugural appearance to talk about...his music? His show? The music on his show? We're still not sure. Neil Hamburger stops by to set his finances straight…


We're Down for Whatewers

Comedy Bang Bang #25October 16, 2009

Comedy has always been a young man's game, which is perhaps why Neil Hamburger cannot get an audience to do anything but boo and hiss until his set ends. You'd think they'd enjoy his stuff, as so much of it is about…


R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Comedy Bang Bang #9June 26, 2009

While the death of Michael Jackson put a damper on the comedy community, Scott Aukerman bravely decided to do his show anyways, if nothing else than to put a smiling face on all the grievers and mourners out there. I'm pretty sure…

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