Nick Mandernach

Nick Mandernach is a writer/comedian and a Los Angeles native. He has studied at UCB since 2007 and performs with his Harold team, John Velvet. With his team Shakedown Nick co-hosts the indie improv night Room 101. Nick also writes, performs, and dances with his sketch group Hip Hop Penguin.

Guest Appearances

Ross Bryant + Nick Mandernach in Every Place I Cry 

Uh oh! Jess and Zach are locked out of the studio this week while Every Place I Cry, the emo band with 4 lead singers including Neal Nocturne (Ross Bryant) and Moshe Black (Nick Mandernach), plus Aloysius Moody (Scott Passarella), And You…


Bernie Bros Think Banks Are Bad (w/ Fran Gillespie, Joe Spellman, Nick Mandernach)

Hard Nation #12June 15, 2016

Die-hard "Bernie Bros" Thad and Kirk (Fran Gillespie and Joe Spellman) explain to Mark and Pete why they live in a treadmill-powered house and what GORP stands for. Plus: John Drexler (Nick Mandernach) deals with the emotional fallout of unfriending a Trump…


Rudeness with Sassy Bluff

improv4humans #164December 11, 2014

Alex Berg, Dave Theune, and Nick Mandernach are together known as Sassy Bluff. They join Matt Besser this week to look for the new mascot for Moscow, show what happens when the clothing optional rule at Vassar college goes too far, and…


Rainbow Party Pitch

improv4humans #106November 7, 2013

Grab some snacks and buzz juice and listen to a special VPN edition of improv4humans with Zach Woods and UCB-LA Harold team members Nick Mandernach, Matt Newell, Erin Whitehead, Dan Lippert, Molly Bretthauer, and Paul Welsh! They’ll soothe a crowd of rioters…

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