Nick Mundy

Nick Mundy is an actor, writer and a member of the sketch group Team Tiger Awesome.

Guest Appearances


Yo, Is This Racist? #38December 7, 2012

Andrew Ti and guest Nick Mundy tell us to feel comfortable with listening to all kinds of music. They talk about why Rockabilly is wack, how racist fans probably exist everywhere, and what the least racist decade is. Grow up, tone down…


Homecoming & White Flight

Yo, Is This Racist? #37December 6, 2012

Andrew Ti and Nick Mundy know that drunk college kids will always do some dumb shit. They discuss the use of the term “white flight,” why the rise of crime during Homecoming should not be blamed on race, and dumb drunk college…


Looking Tan

Yo, Is This Racist? #36December 5, 2012

Try to share your feelings everyone. Andrew Ti and guest Nick Mundy talk about their childhood fashion, the dilemma of people who are biracial passing for being white, and being more honest with someone you are dating. Connect with others and leave…


Sports Bar Chanting Kuhn

Yo, Is This Racist? #35December 4, 2012

Andrew Ti and guest Nick Mundy explain how racists ruin fun. They discuss what you should do if you feel stuck in a bad situation, if anyone ever mistaken Nick for being racist, and to just say something to someone who is…


Teachers and Profanity

Yo, Is This Racist? #34December 3, 2012

Andrew Ti welcomes Team Tiger Awesome’s Nick Mundy to talk about feeling good from getting paid to write dick jokes, a recent racist incident that happened in his hometown of Houston, Texas, and to answer a white teacher’s question of engaging in…

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