Nicole Shabtai

Nicole Shabtai is an Actor, Writer, Producer, and Bar Mitzvah Dancer. She is a graduate of Duke University, where she studied English, Theater, Film, and Bar Mitzvah Dancing. The last part of the previous sentence is false. Nicole was born with an innate talent for said job, and has never studied dance of any kind. She is however an advanced level student in both improv and sketch comedy at UCB, where she has studied since 2008. Nicole works with the ever popular LandlineTV, which is a comedy production company based in Brooklyn. She is originally from New York City, and has the nasty habit of sending orchids to Joan Didion’s private residence.

Guest Appearances

Shamrocks and Shockwaves (w/ Nicole Shabtai)

Join Casey and Danielle in the nookiest of nooks with Upper East Side insider/outsider Nicole Shabtai as they discuss Jacqueline's state of mind, Kelly Dodd's alluringly painted large mouth, Heather's umbrella and hurtful nose flicks. The girls announce a mini tour and give info for upcoming…


The White Whale Of Hair Removal!

Totally Laime #218April 4, 2014

She's a hilarious comedy actress/writer/producer and friend  - not to mention a hairless beauty and mensch, NICOLE SHABTAI came on and discussed what brought her laser hair removal lady to tears, why her husband's bachelor party kinda sorta rocked her world, and…

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