Patti Harrison

Patti Harrison is a NY-based comedian and fashionable teen dog!

Guest Appearances

Tiledaddy, Art Bros and Being Ambushed by Kindness w/ Patti Harrison

Homophilia #26February 2, 2018

The hilarious Patti Harrison joins Matt and Dave this week to talk all about her favorites (Finding Nemo! The Comeback! Black Mirror!), dating art bros, and being "ambushed by kindness" by her (first real!) boyfriend. Plus Dave gives Matt his birthday gift and Patti…


Are We The Same? (w/ Patti Harrison, Will Butler, Alvin Butler)

Dr Gameshow #6November 22, 2017

On this special Thanksgiving episode comedian Patti Harrison and musician Will Butler of Arcade Fire (along with Will's 5-year-old son Alvin) join Jo and Manolo to play listener-submitted games with callers.  Games played: What's Your Primary Utensil, Rad Dads, and Sauce Boss.

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