Paul Feig

Paul Feig has a career so impressive that it’s hard to express. I mean, he’s directed episodes of Freaks and Geeks, The Office, Arrested Development, and even Mad Men! His movie Bridesmaids has been a hit both at the box office and for cynical bloggers and film reviewers. And lest we forget, he was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Guest Appearances


Comedy Bang Bang #226June 24, 2013

Comedy juggernaut Paul Feig returns to the podcast for the first time since 2011 on today's Comedy Bang Bang! Paul shares his philosophy on improvising, discusses recording ADR jokes and talks about his latest feature THE HEAT, which opens in theaters nationwide…


Paul Feig

Paul Feig, (Bridesmaids, Freaks and Geeks) dressed in his best Willy Wonka cosplay outfit, wraps with Kevin on his career in writing, directing, and producing film and television. Feig chats about turning his awkward high school years into a cult tv hit,…


Paul Feig

Ronna & Beverly #4July 9, 2011

The ladies relive the tragic events of their July 4th, and talk to the always dapper and obscenely charming director of "Bridesmaids", Paul Feig.


Shut Up Dracula!

Comedy Bang Bang #104May 15, 2011

Welcome to Hobo Chat, hosted by Scottabot Saucerman. This week, our bumbling argumentative hobos are joined by noted television and film director Paul Feig and acclaimed sketch group The Birthday Boys. In between the drug deals and dumpster diving, if you listen…

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