Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin is a stand-up comedian who spent over fifteen years co-hosting TBS’ Dinner and a Movie. He has performed his stand-up in clubs around the country and on television shows such as Late Friday, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and his very own Comedy Central Presents. Paul recently started his own podcast: The Mental Illness Happy Hour.

Guest Appearances

Paul Gilmartin

Never Not Funny #1909October 6, 2016

Flying high with Paul Gilmartin. This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter, Mott & Bow, and Casper Mattresses. Come see us at the Now Hear This podcast festival:


Lobsters In Tuxedos!

Totally Laime #161March 1, 2013

After having been a guest on his poignant podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour, Elizabeth knew that today's guest, PAUL GILMARTIN, would be a perfect fit for TLP and she wasn't disappointed. They talk fantasies, serial killers, homeless children, and why crabs…


Animated Picture Frame

Ronna & Beverly #40November 23, 2012

Paul Gilmartin of The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast stops by to get honest about his recurring dream about Ronna & Beverly. Paul talks about a typical day in his life, how his podcast has reached out to help others around the…


The Land of Osbaldistan

Sklarbro Country #57August 26, 2011

This week on Sklarbro Country we have DUIs, twin drama, a demolition derby, slap shot contests, black light mini golf, and that's just in the first half hour! Our first guest is Paul Gilmartin who you certainly must know from Dinner and a…


A Thrilling Hour or So

Comedy Bang Bang #50April 23, 2010

Comedy Bang Bang was a huge event in Los Angeles for years before it became a podcast. Well, this week Scott granted a nation-wide audience to another L.A. comedy hit, The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Enjoy an appearance from Colonel Tick-Tock, and a…


Guest Host Jimmy Pardo

Comedy Bang Bang #5May 29, 2009

Jimmy Pardo is the host of his own show, Never Not Funny, so one would assume that he'd be a good host of Comedy Bang Bang. Well, one would be right! Except for the boring politicians he had on, the show is…

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