Randy Liedtke

Randy Liedtke is a stand up comic/cook at a gay bar/tall red head living in Los Angeles, originally from the beautiful state of Oregon. He is also one of the hosts of the Bone Zone podcast and has provided his voice to the show Adventure Time.

Guest Appearances

Gossip Guy

Comedy Bang Bang #466January 16, 2017

Comedians Brendon Walsh and Randy Liedtke of The Bone Zone join Scott this week to talk about clapping song parodies, how Brendon got pranked on the set of Conan, and some of Brendon’s pranks over the years. Then, our old friend Traci…


Sklarbro County 16

Sklarbro Country #111.5September 11, 2012

It’s time for your mid-week snack with today’s Sklarbro County! We are joined by Brendon Walsh and Randy Leitke of the Bone Zone podcast to talk about Randy’s challenge to Joe Rogan, Brendon’s connection to 90210, and their pajama party. Dan Van…

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