Razzle Dangerously

Razzle is a stand-up comedian and co-host of Picking Favorites on Wolfpop!

Guest Appearances

The Franchise: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Chamber!

Earwolf Presents #64November 23, 2016

Check out Howl Premium and use promo code FRANCHISE to hear the entire Season 4 of The Franchise: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.  Join Kyle Newman and Razzle Dangerously as they tackle the most successful film series of all time. In Episode…


Jupiter Ascending

It's a WolfPop teamup! This week Paul & Jason are joined by two special guests, from "Blacklist Table Reads", Franklin Leonard, and from the equally popular "Picking Favorites, Razzle Dangerously. They try, and almost succeed, to understand the plot of the Wachowskis'…

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