Rich Eisen

Rich Eisen is a television journalist who works for NFL Network. He is married to Suzy Shuster, college football sideline reporter for ESPN on ABC. He wrote the book Total Access which was published in 2007, and he hosts The Rich Eisen Podcast.

Guest Appearances

Sklarbro County 55

Our old buddy Rich Eisen returns for some County insanity! Rich gives us his predictions for the upcoming NFL season, counts down his Top 5 Michigan sport moments, and explains why we’ll never see a NFL draft in April ever again. Dan…


Bench An Engineer

Sklarbro Country #95May 18, 2012

You are in for a treat today! Rich Eisen is here and he is as great a candidate for Sklarbro citizenship as you'd imagine! He tells us about his experiences doing stand-up in college. He talks about the early days of Sports…


Rich Eisen

Kevin Pollak interviews American sports journalist Rich Eisen!

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