Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer is on Mad Men, which is impressive enough that I shouldn’t even have to go on. But I will! Because he’s also appeared on The Office, Ugly Betty, The Devil Wears Prada, and the short film Mr. Stache. He trained at the UCB Theatre in New York City which is probably why he’s such a fun podcast guest.

Guest Appearances

Rich Sommer

Never Not Funny #1821July 7, 2016

Scooting along with Rich Sommer. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon, Harry's, and NatureBox.


Wet Hot Crew

Comedy Bang Bang #363July 20, 2015

In 2001, Wet Hot American Summer came out and the world was never the same. Now a new series by the name of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is coming to Netflix and director and co-creator David Wain has…


Dry Docked Nugget

Who Charted? #233May 20, 2015

Kulap and Howard welcome to the show Mad Men's Rich Sommer, who talks about the emotional experience of his shows finale, as well as why One Direction is unable to pass an eye test. Additionally, during the billboard countdown, the gang discusses…


The 500th

Never Not Funny #16FMarch 23, 2015

Jimmy, Matt and the gang celebrate their 500th episode with a live show featuring special guests Joe Lo Truglio, Rich Sommer, Mike Schmidt and Pat Francis. (Recorded live at the UCB Franklin in Hollywood on March 22, 2015.)


Rich Sommer

Never Not Funny #1601February 12, 2015

Sneaking around with Rich Sommer.



Topics #44May 28, 2014

In Episode 16 of Season 3, Michael, Michael, and fantastic actor/friend of the podcast Rich Sommer talk about the passionate topic of madness. How do we know who is the sane one and who is the insane one? Why does love drive…


Rat Arm On A Crocodile

Sklarbro Country #190March 14, 2014

Mad Men's own Rich Sommer graces us with his presence on today’s Sklarbro Country!  Rich talks about going to Browns games as a kid growing up in the Midwest, a couple of his favorite moments from working on Mad Men, and completely…


Rich Sommer

Never Not Funny #1406March 13, 2014

Flying blind with Rich Sommer.


Bubba the Love Nut

Ronna & Beverly #43January 4, 2013

Rich Sommer visits Ronna & Beverly to have a sophisticated conversation about everything important. They talk about his role on Mad Men, whether his character in The Devil Wears Prada was gay, and if he’s ever been hit on by anyone on the set…


Harry's World: Mad Men

Comedy Bang Bang #63July 23, 2010

Matt (pronounced "wee-ner") Weiner likes to keep all the secrets of Mad Men close to the let's all not tell him about this episode, okay? I mean, can you imagine how angry he'd be if he knew we knew about *CENSORED*…


Rich Sommer and Michael Gladis

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show #35September 13, 2009

Kevin chats with Rich Sommer and Michael Gladis.

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